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Experimental specimens kept in Shinra's underground research facility. They were human once, but cellular transplants designed to enhance their strength have turned them into monsters.

Enemy Intel

Unknown Entities are bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". They are fought alongside the main boss, Failed Experiment, by Barret and Tifa in the Underground Test Site in Chapter 13, "A Broken World", denouement during the "Finding Wedge" mission. They are later fought again within the Shinra Building in the Drum, in Chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos" in "Find the Others". They are also faced in a boss battle by Yuffie and Sonon in the Prototype Combat Simulator in Advanced Weapinry during "Covert Ops" in "Episode INTERmission".

Unknown entities are Shinra Electric Power Company science department experiments, mutated humans; though not called as such, they appear to be the remake's version of the makonoids from the original game.



The unknown entities do not do much on their own, and exist most as tools for the main Failed Experiment boss. They are weak to Ice Ice and easiest staggered with it. The Failed Experiment will throw the unknown entities at the player, dealing damage. When it has lost enough health, it can grab up to four unknown entities. When the player defeats the entities, the Failed Experiment will summon more of them. The experiment can also command the entities to bolster themselves with Shield and Reflect and absorb the entities to energize itself.


Tifa fighting the unknown entities.

Tifa should defeat the unknown entities quickly using abilities with area-of-effect by destroying them in clusters. Later, Barret and Tifa must defeat the Failed Experiment while separated. The player can focus on destroying the unknown entities first, then focus on attacking the Failed Experiment's appendage when possible. Attacking them from behind works well. If the unknown entities become immune to physical damage, the player can use Blizzard Blizzard spells against them, or allow Shiva to destroy them if she is available. Linking Ice Materia Ice Materia with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia in Tifa's weapon can make the battle go more smoothly.

Later on, the player will face the entities alongside other monsters within the Drum. They are not difficult to dispatch; Cloud can use his Punisher Mode and character abilities.

Episode INTERmission[]

Unknown Entities are durable and agile enemies dangerous in melee combat that should be fought with Throw, Ice Ninjutsu and ranged Windstorm. Sonon can draw their attention with Incite.