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Unknown 2 in battle

The Unknown 2 is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It gives the most gil, EXP, and AP of the three enemies of its type. It is highly recommended to bring Ribbons to this fight to avoid the Confusion effect of its Abnormal Breath, and to stay in the back row to avoid taking too much damage from its powerful physical attack. Once its HP drops below 50%, it will start to counter physical attacks with ? Needle, which inflicts Paralysis. Big Guard and White Wind are good defensive measures to use when fighting this enemy, while for offensive purposes, Sleepel and/or Frog Song are useful in inflicting Sleep. Once put to sleep, it is best to use magic based attacks such as Comet or Beta to attack to avoid waking it up. If the party is above level 60, they may wish to stay in the front row and use strong attacks before putting the enemy to sleep, such as 2x-Cut or 4x-Cut.

It appears to be a deformed biological experiment being transported in the Sunken Gelnika.

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