The Unknown are a group of enemies encountered in Final Fantasy V in the Great Sea Trench.








They are classed as undead and are weak to the Holy element. The Unknowns attack by inflicting a myriad of status effects.

Each Unknown has its own set of moves, although the attacks Sap, which is an attack that can also inflict the Sap status, and Slimer, which inflicts Slow, are shared by a number of them. The rare #168 Unknown tries to use Delta Attack to deal damage and inflict Petrify, but fails due to a lack of MP. Beast Killers can be stolen from this enemy. The #169 Unknown uses a move called Possess, which instantly kills itself and removes a party member from battle, much like Sacrifice.

The Dark Arts spell Evil Mist can be accessed if a Necromancer finishes the #169 Unknown off.

The #170 Unknown uses Reverse Polarity to switch the party's row positions. It also uses Sap, and Spore to inflict Poison. The #172 Unknown may use the Blue Magic ability Doom.


The easiest way to avoid the status effects and counterattacks is to have a Mystic Knight use Holy Sword to instantly kill them, or the Bard song Requiem to deal considerable damage.

Other appearances

Pictlogica Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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  • Similarly to how the Great Sea Trench only has enemies called Unknown as encounters, areas of the Gelnika from Final Fantasy VII only include "Unknown" enemies that also inflict status effects.
  • These creatures are referred to in Dissidia Final Fantasy via the trade item "Unknown's Bone."
  • In the concept art for the Unknowns, Tetsuya Nomura names each of the creatures: the small, fungus-like Unknown is called "Deoxyryote", the large, drooling Unknown is called "Corrosive", and the worm-like Unknown is called "Doom".
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