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The United States Military Force (USMF) forms the ground-based military arm of the United States in the year 2065. They are primarily responsible for the safety and security of the Barrier Cities as well as combating the Phantom threat.

The troop contingent Deep Eyes is a contingent of the USMF. The United States Air Force provides aerial vehicles for the USMF's use.

Notable members[]


The USMF was the first military force to combat Phantoms using conventional projectile weaponry, which failed them miserably. When bio-etheric technology was discovered and introduced by Dr. Sid the USMF began intensifying its fight. Following the United States, the United Nations began standardizing itself and launched massive World Phantom Cleansing Missions.

In the fourth Cleansing Mission in the Tucson Wasteland, the entire North American USMF overland main force was obliterated. The living members of the forces were promoted to fill the empty positions, and Douglas Hein was promoted to the rank of General.