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The Unit Intro Quests are a series of small events designed to showcase particular units, namely those called 'CG units' who possess special Limit Bursts: they are preceded by FMV-like short sequences and have powerful effects. All such units are 5-7★ and are major characters. Unit intro quests have the featured unit as a possible guest in the player's friend list, and upon starting the battle, all units have their LB gauges fully charged already. The enemy to defeat is always a weak Cactuar. They all accompany a story event.


Pyro Glacial Lasswell[]

Unit Intro Pyro Glacial Lasswell.png

Unit Intro Quest - Pyro Glacial Lasswell was concurrent with the story event Way of the Warrior (January 12 - January 26, 2018) and showcased Pyro Glacial Lasswell's Limit Burst, Unstoppable Wave. The introduction read: "With the swords of his friend and father in hand... Lasswell will reach new heights! This is my new power! The Unstoppable Wave!".

Blossom Sage Sakura[]

Unit Intro Blossom Sage Sakura.png

Unit Intro Quest - Blossom Sage Sakura was concurrent with the story event The White Sage and the Magic Cane (February 2 - February 15, 2018) and showcased Blossom Sage Sakura's Limit Burst, Eternal Ray. The event's announcement introduction read: "The greatest of powers in the smallest of packages! Time for Sakura to show her true power! A ray of blossoms to pierce through all! Eternal Ray!".

Lotus Mage Fina[]

Unit Intro Lotus Mage Fina.png

Unit Intro Quest - Lotus Mage Fina was concurrent with the story event Pride of Gungan (March 23 - April 5, 2018) and showcased Lotus Mage Fina's Limit Burst, Judgment Cross. The introduction read: "When her two halves became one, a new power was born inside her. This is the true power of Fina! A cross between healing and destruction! Judgment Cross!".

Nameless Gunner Jake[]

Unit Intro Nameless Gunner Jake.png

Unit Intro Quest - Nameless Gunner Jake was concurrent with the story event Conspiracy to the Throne (April 13 - April 26, 2018) and showcased Nameless Gunner Jake's Limit Burst, AL Type Light Particle Beam. The introduction read: "With the power engineered by geniuses— Jake will clear the path ahead using his new skills! Behold an explosive new weapon! The AL Type Light Particle Beam!".

Heavenly Technician Lid[]

Unit Intro Heavenly Technician Lid.png

Unit Intro Quest - Heavenly Technician Lid was concurrent with the story event The Phantom Blueprint (May 18 - May 31, 2018) and showcased Heavenly Technician Lid's Limit Burst, Mechabo Custom Hammer. The announcement's introduction read: "The unending brilliance of a young airship technician! Alongside her ever powerful pals! Transform and evolve! Mechabo Custom Hammer!".

Maritime Strategist Nichol[]

Unit Intro Maritime Strategist Nichol.png

Unit Intro Quest - Maritime Strategist Nichol was concurrent with the story event Where Destinies Intersect (June 15 - June 28, 2018) and showcased Maritime Strategist Nichol's Limit Burst Ancient Formula. The announcement's introduction read: "After facing countless battles... He has developed a surefire way to victory! The best offense is a good defense! Ancient Formula!".


Unit Intro Raegen.png

Unit Intro Quest - Raegen was concurrent with the story event The Ballad of Grandshelt (July 13 - July 26, 2018) and showcased Raegen's Limit Burst, Darkness Purging Blades of Azure Crimson. The announcement's introduction read: "This legendary hero's power... shall be burned into your memory! Two blades in unison to vanquish evil! Darkness Purging Blades of Azure Crimson!".


Unit Intro Hyoh.png

Unit Intro Quest - Hyoh was concurrent with the story event The Color of Heartlessness (September 14 - September 27, 2018) and showcased Hyoh's Limit Burst, Extreme Nova. The announcement's introduction read: "A power lies hidden behind his mask and within his blade. And it shall be released here... and now! His sword knows no mercy! Extreme Nova!".


Unit Intro Citra.png

Unit Intro Quest - Citra was concurrent with the story event Piercing Light (October 12 - October 25, 2018) and showcased Citra's Limit Burst, Gleam of Reverie. The announcement's introduction read: "The sleeping espers shall respond in unison to the secret call of this magnificent evoker! The earth shall tremble before her! Gleam of Reverie!".


Unit Intro Sieghard.png

Unit Intro Quest - Sieghard was concurrent with the story event Sieghard, the Magnificent (December 7 - December 20, 2018) and showcased Sieghard's Limit Burst, Beauteous Sanctuary. The anouncement's introduction read: "Gorgeous flowers in full bloom. The booming sound of adoring applause. Behold, a temple of beauty to change the world! Beauteous Sanctuary".


Unit Intro Folka.png

Unit Intro Quest - Folka was concurrent with the story event Priestess of Crystalline Waters (January 18 - January 31, 2019) and showcased Folka's Limit Burst, Aqua Ensemble. The announcement's introduction read: "A blessed blue shine... That ripples through healing waters. Flow ever pure and crystalline, Aqua Ensemble!".


Unit Intro Ignacio.png

Unit Intro Quest - Ignacio was concurrent with the story event Blacksmith of the Flame (February 15 - February 28, 2019) and showcased Ignacio's Limit Burst, Ardent Conflagration. The announcement's introduction read: "A man's burning soul... unleashes flames hot enough to melt even stone! Red-hot, explosive, no holds barred! Ardent Conflagration!".


Unit Intro Cid.png

Unit Intro Quest - Cid was concurrent with the story event Taking to the Skies (March 15 - March 28, 2019) and showcased Cid's Limit Burst, Invincible Highwind. The announcement's introduction read: "I soar above the heavens with a lance that shall pierce the earth. Winds of freedom, guardian of the azure sky. Invincible Highwind!"


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Holy Knight Charlotte[]

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