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Unei is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She and Doga appear in "Chronicles of the New Era" storyline involving the Syrcus Tower.

Unei and Doga are based on characters of the same names from Final Fantasy III; Unei and Doga.

The enemies "Unei's Clone" and "Doga's Clone" also appear in Syrcus Tower.


Long ago, Unei was created for the purpose of stopping the plot by the Allagan Emperor Xande. She and Doga posed as normal Hyur researchers to be involved in the NOAH group's expedition until their true nature was revealed by Nero tol Scaeva. After explaining themselves, Unei accompanies NOAH into Syrcus Tower to cancel Xandes's pact with the Cloud of Darkness. But Unei is forced to watch Doga be dragged into the World of Darkness before being sucked into the portal as well despite Nero's attempt to save her for his own personal gain.

After the Warrior of Light enters the World of Darkness and defeats the Cloud of Darkness, they find Doga, Unei and Nero, the latter of which had been protecting the pair from the monsters sent to kill them. Doga and Unei state their intent to sever the Cloud's pact with Xande, and use their bloodline to grant G'raha Tia the ability to control the Crystal Tower. While the rest of the group escapes back to Eorzea, they remain in the World of Darkness to complete their purpose.



Unei is a Midlander Hyur woman with dark purple long hair and red eyes. She wears a palette-swapped version of the High Allagan Coat of Healing.


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Musical themes[]

Unei and Doga have their own unique theme song plays when they first appear, "Now I Know the Truth".