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The Undying.

The Undying (死将, Shishō?, lit. dead general) are especially powerful Cie'th in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 that are part of the mark missions and fragments. They provide for the most challenging encounters in the game. Each has a specific effect on the area that it is located in. The two exceptions in Final Fantasy XIII to these are Zenobia, which is killed by a Tonberry, and Wladislaus, which is fought as a part of the story in Chapter 13. When an Undying perishes, a red light appears out of their chests.

Completing all the Undying missions in Final Fantasy XIII earns the achievement Exorcist.


The Undying are fearsome Cie'th who, cursing their former fal'Cie masters for forsaking them at the end of their forced servitude, refuse to surrender their connection to this world.

Whereas normal Cie'th eventually cease their wanderings and turn to stone, the Undying rage on, fueled by a jealous hatred of all living things. Retaining the defiant strength of will they knew in life, they act on instinct, doling out death and destruction to all that dare cross their path.

List of Undying[]

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

While Geiseric and Wladislaus are members of the Undying in Final Fantasy XIII, they are reclassified as ordinary Shambling Cie'th in Final Fantasy XIII-2. This may be because they are the weakest of The Undying if one excludes Bituitus, which becomes the more powerful Vercingetorix.


In the Spanish version, the Undying are known as los Martirios, meaning "the Martyrdoms".

Most of the Undying are named after enemies of the Roman Republic and Empire (except for Attacus, which is derived from Spartacus, its name in the Japanese version, and Wladislaus, named after a Polish king).