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Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple (海底神殿, Kaitei Shinden?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is located under Rusalka. It can grant someone a wish, but only at the cost of turning them into a mermaid.


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After getting the Bottle of Bubbly Water to help them breath underwater, the Warriors of Light jump down at the bubbling spot near Rusalka to get to the Underwater Temple. They have to fight through some Nereids, who prevent them from going further. Some mermaids that they meet urge them to save Edna.

Styx getting struck by lightning.

Upon meeting her, a witch appears. She introduces herself as Styx, one of the Four Avalon Generals. The witch says that it was her plan to lure the Warriors come down to the Underwater Temple. Then Styx and the Warriors get into a fight. Unable to defeat them, Styx tries to take Edna away. Then a mysterious man, The Mask, appears and strike her with a lightning bolt. Styx gets blown away from Edna. After saying that things have been set into motion, The Mask disappears. Styx also escapes, but not before giving the Warriors a warning.

Styx attacking the Warriors of Light again when they leave the Underwater Temple.

Edna is happy as Eduardo comes to see her. She kisses him and he turns back into a human. Edna's tears coalesce into a crystal, which gives the Warriors of Lights the Bard job. Edna then reveals that she is Eduardo's mother. She got herself turned into a mermaid in exchange for his health. She tells him that tales of his deeds have reached the Underwater Temple, but it's time for him to go back to Rusalka as people are waiting for him. She also says that she will always be watching over and protect him, just like she did before. Then she disappears.

The Warriors of Light then leave the temple. However, during their way to the surface, Styx attacks them again. She reveals her true form. This time, the Warriors are unable to defeat her. However, Bikke and his crew arrive in time, attack Styx with cannonballs and save the Warriors. Again, Styx gives them a warning and disappears.

Bikke and his crew attacking Styx.

Upon reaching the surface, Sol says thanks to Bikke. Dusk then asks Bikke how can he locate their position. Bikke says that a Masked Man told him.

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Item Place
Coral Sword Chest-Underwater Temple 6F
Tower Shield Chest-5F
Dream Harp Chest-5F
Mallet Pot-4F
Cottage Pot-4F
Hell Claws Chest-4F
X-Potion Chest-2F
Barbut Chest-2F
Pin Wheel Chest-1F
Dry Ether Chest-1F