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Underwater Cave entrance.

Underwater Cave (海底洞窟, Kaitei Dōkutsu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It can be access from Castle Burtgang.


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Sol, Aigis and Dusk heads towards Burtgang to find Sarah on Dr. Lugae's battleship and they are attacked by an imperial airship. The airship is very fast so they cannot escape it on the battleship. Aigis then suggests using the Bottle of Bubbly Water to be able to breath underwater.

The warriors entering Castle Burtgang from the Underwater Cave.

Dr. Lugae refuses to use it as he wants to be with Argy and urges the warriors to jump off the ship. He and his ship sinks together while the others made it to an Underwater Cave. By traveling through this area, they finally get to Castle Burtgang.

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Item Place
Diamond Armlet Chest
Antidote Chest
Lamia's Tiara Chest

There is a pot that can fully restore HP and MP.