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The Underground Waterway is a location in Galuf's world in Final Fantasy V. It is a subterranean river below a forest, southwest of the Moogle Village.


Bartz Klauser's party found a moogle in a forest southeast of Regole, who fell into a pit. Following it, the party went through the currents of the Underground Waterway until they found the moogle being attacked by a Tyrannosaur. After defeating the undead dinosaur, the moogle left the waterway, leading them to the Moogle Village.

The waterway could not be accessed in the merged world, meaning its fate after the worlds merged is unknown.



The Underground Waterway is a subterranean river partway across Gloceana, connecting a forest just south of the Sealed Castle of Kuza to the Moogle Village northeast. The waterway is apparently used by moogles when traveling to the other side of the continent, as aside from Bartz's party, at least one villager of Regole has spotted them.[1]

The waterway comprises a series of currents across the underground cave. Although moogles apparently use the route, the waterway is populated by undead monsters.



Name Location
4400 gil Waterfall Top
Phoenix Down End of first area


Musical themes[]

The background theme that plays at the Underground Waterway is the game's "Dungeon".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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