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Underground Fort

Underground Fort (カクラム地下要塞, Kakuramu Chika Yōsai?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of the Imperial Forward Camp. It's a military base of the Avalon Empire.


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An airship landing near the Imperial Forward Camp

The Warriors of Darkness arrive the camp by mistake after seeing an airship landing near the Imperial Forward Camp and following it. The place turns out to be a military base of the Avalon Empire as it's full of imperial soldiers and machines. They encounter Asmodai here, who reveals that Matoya was his lover 100 years ago. On attempt to avenge Desert Moon's fallen members, Matoya and the Warriors attack Asmodai, defeating him succesfully. Asmodai collapses but not before warning them about the Emperor. Matoya denies the warriors request to travel with them and fight the empire. Instead, she chooses to stay and protect people in Gardenia. Matoya gives the Warriors her Crystal Eye. Alba wonders why Matoya does not turn old immediately after giving away her Crystal. She explains that the Crystal prevents her from getting old, not storing up the years for later use.

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Item Place
Remedy Underground Fort B1F
Sacred Candle B2F
Scholar's Hat B2F
Baleen B3F
Elixir B3F
Burning Knuckles B4F
Ether B5F
Golden Needle B5F
Greataxe B5F
Fey Staff B5F