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Underdog Day is a long-standing pirate tradition, for on this day any swabbie can challenge their boss for the title of cap'n. Today, Mog, one of the kupirates, decides to finally unseat Faris from her throne. He casts an ancient, forbidden spell...

Quest summary

Underdog Day is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 10 and completing the quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.


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Faris gathers her kupirate crew and reminds the that this is the day when any pirate can challenge their betters, and only the strongest can be their captain. She asks if any of them wish to challenge her.

Mog flies in, stating today is the day they answer to "Cap'n Mog". Faris asks what he's got this time, and he casts an "ancient, forbidden spell". Ifrit appears in a fiery explosion, demanding to know who summoned him. Mog, shocked that it was a summoning spell, explains the situation to Ifrit. He agrees to fight Faris, finding it an amusing diversion, stating they would all bow down to him. Mog tries to state if it wasn't for him, Ifrit wouldn't be there, but Ifrit just roars at him and he cowers away.

After the battle, Ifrit tells them he'll spare their lives and departs. Faris, though pleased Mog gave her a challenge, nonetheless scolds him about using spells without knowing what they do. Mog just proudly states "Sink or Swim", stating that this is why he doesn't even taste his own cooking. Faris remarks he should, as his food makes her want to jump overboard.

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The battle consists of only Ifrit★. First time completion of this quest rewards x2 Bomb Core with subsequent completions rewarding x1 Bomb Fragment.