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Grandpa and grandma told me this beach was beautiful when they were small. But after the Shinra built that city above, the sun stopped shining here, and the water got polluted...


Under Junon is a town in the Final Fantasy VII series. The city of Junon was constructed next to the town, with its airport hanging above, enveloping the town in its shadow and polluting the waters. Its relationship to Junon is similar to the relationship between the Midgar Slums and Midgar's plate.

An elevator carries people up to Junon on foot. A tower on the Dolphin Offing beach also leads up to Junon's Airport, although a high voltage runs through it.

The town is never referred to as "Under Junon" or by any other name in game dialogue, its name is only used in menus. Though it is unclear in the English version, the name is a proper noun in Japanese versions. The name is used as a proper noun by characters in the English version of Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.


Junon beach

Junon beach.

Under Junon was formerly a sunny beach town that was populated by fishermen. When Junon was built by the Shinra Electric Power Company several decades prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, the water became polluted and Junon blocked the sun.[1][2]

During "The Stowaway Strategy", after Elena let slip that Sephiroth was heading for Junon Harbor,[3] Cloud and party traveled on foot to Under Junon. They found that Junon was on high alert for Rufus's inaugaration ceremony as the new president of Shinra, and so needed a plan to covertly enter. After saving a girl named Priscilla from the Bottomswell, she allowed Cloud use her dolphin to get to the upper city.[1] Priscilla later remembered that Junon Harbor could be reached by dolphin and the rest of the party were ferried there while Cloud navigated enemy territory.[4]



Location of Under Junon, indicated by crosshair.

Under Junon is located to the west on the planet's eastern continent. It is located on the coast and has a submarine dock next to it.

The town itself is sparsely populated, comprised of a few wooden houses along the side of a cliff, with a stone staircase leading down to the beach. What remains of the town is overshadowed by Junon above it, with a huge stone wall near the town containing an elevator up to Junon, a metal pillar built above one of the houses, and a large offshore metal construct resembling an oil rig built just off the coast. The construct presumably connects to the Junon Underwater Reactor.


Under Junon is home to former fishermen and a mostly elderly population. The pollution emitted from Junon has meant there are no fish remaining in the water, and Shinra dominates the town. As such, the town's residents mostly express a sense of defeatism, believing it will never return to its former glory.[2]


Mouth to Mouth

Cloud performing CPR.

Under Junon is visited during "The Stowaway Strategy" as the party look for a way to reach Junon. During this, Cloud and his party must first fight a boss battle against Bottomswell, before a minigame in which Cloud needs to perform CPR on Priscilla. The minigame is impossible to lose, and taking five full lungfuls is enough to resuscitate her. Defeating Bottomswell also awards Cloud the Shiva Materia.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Under Junon FFVII

Cloud's team follows Sephiroth, passing through the Mythril Mine to the port in Junon.

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Behinds the scenes[]

The BradyGames guide mixes up the area names and refers to Upper and Lower Junon as "Lower Junon", Junon Branch as "Upper Junon", and Under Junon as "Junon Harbor".

Musical themes[]

The music that plays in Under Junon in Final Fantasy VII is "On Our Way" (旅の途中で, Tabi no Tochū De?). After resting as part of the plot, "Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony" (ルーファウス歓迎式典, Rūfausu Kangei Shikiten?), a fanfare played for Rufus's inauguration, is head from the town.