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Deals lethal damage to undead enemies.


Undead Killer is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers, allowing them to increase the power of their Attack toward undead enemies. It costs 2 Magic Stones to equip.

Killer abilities in Final Fantasy IX are reminiscent of weapons in the Nintendo-era Final Fantasy games that dealt more damage to specific types of enemies.


Undead Killer is learned from Headgear, Ritual Hat, Silver Gloves, N-Kai Armlet, and Plate Mail for variable amounts of AP; Amarant learns it the fastest at 10 AP, where Zidane requires the most at 45 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that all teach Undead Killer learns the ability faster.

Headgear teaches Undead Killer for Zidane and Amarant, and is first bought from Lindblum. The better Ritual Hat is first bought from Conde Petie.

Silver gloves teaches Undead Killer for Steiner and Freya, first stolen from Black Waltz 3 on the deck of the cargo ship, and soon after found in Lindblum synthesis shop for free.

N-Kai Armlet teaches Undead Killer to Zidane and Amarant. It is first available from the Abandoned Lagoon Chocograph ChocographLoc09, or from finding it in Desert Palace.

Plate Mail teaches the ability to Steiner and Freya. The player can get a free one by unequipping it from Beatrix during the Battle of Alexandria.


With Undead Killer active, using Attack deals 150% normal damage to undead enemies. It does not stack with other Killer abilities if the enemy belongs to more than one category, but does stack with MP Attack and Elem-Atk gear, and the attack can still critical. Undead Killer affects any use of Attack command against undead enemies: via Attack, Charge!, or Counter. It does not affect damage from any other move besides the basic Attack command.

Zombie status does not make one "undead type", only undead in the sense that healing will hurt them.



Undead enemies are found in certain areas, and there is one boss among them: Soulcage. Undead enemies are found around Iifa Tree, and on the world map in the endgame. Whale Zombies are found on some beaches first accessible on the Blue Narciss. Despite proliferating on the world map in the endgame, there are no undead enemies in the final dungeon.

Undead Killer is generally not needed, as undead enemies are easily dispatched with Life spells and Phoenix Downs, the latter leaving the enemy in single-digit health if it does not destroy it outright. These methods work even on the boss, Soulcage. Though Zidane could equip Undead Killer for the visit to Iifa Tree, Dagger and Eiko generally have better success with their Wht Mag.