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Attacking an undead target in Final Fantasy IX Remastered.

Undead Killer (アンデッドキラー, Andeddo Kirā?), also known as Undead Slayer, is a Killer ability that gives the wielder an edge when fighting against undead type opponents.


Final Fantasy IX[]

Undead Killer is a support ability learned by Zidane, Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. When equipped, the wielder deals 1.5x the normal damage with physical attacks against undead opponents. Killer abilities do not stack in case an opponent belongs to more than one category; for example, Dracozombie is both an undead and a dragon, but it gives no additional benefit to equip both Killer abilities.

Undead Killer takes two Magic Stones to equip. Zidane and Amarant learn it from N-Kai Armlet, Headgear, and Ritual Hat for 45 and 10 AP, respectively, and Steiner and Freya learn it from Silver Gloves and Plate Mail for 30 and 20 AP.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Undead Killer is a job trait that occasionally causes members of the Undead family attacking the player to freeze in terror. It is obtained by Paladins (level 1), and for Blue Mages via equipping Bludgeon and Smite of Rage. This can be done as early as level 34.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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