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Unbridled Strength is Tifa's default ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It consumes one ATB charge and increases her chi, boosting her normal attacks and allowing her to cycle between three martial techniques: Whirling Uppercut (強化, Kyouka?, lit. Reinforcement), Omnistrike (爆裂拳, Bakuretsuken?, lit. Exploding Fist), and Rise and Fall (掌打ラッシュ, Shooda Rasshu?, lit. Palm Strike Rush). These martial techniques are executed using Triangle, and uniquely, increase bonus stagger damage.

Using Unbridled Strength will cause Tifa to briefly enter a battle stance pose, engulfing herself in energy. Whirling Uppercut is an uppercut punch to a single target, Omnistrike is a shoulder bash that deals area-of-effect damage, while Rise and Fall causes her to leap towards a target with kicks.

In addition to Unbridled Strength, Tifa's weapons give her a chance to enter battle with a second chi level before using Unbridled Strength, provided she has unlocked the right upgrade.

Rise and Fall, the ability used on Tifa's third chi level, shares its Japanese name with, and has a similar animation to, Beat Rush, Tifa's first limit break in the original Final Fantasy VII. In addition, Omnistrike shares its Japanese name with Raging Fist, a recurring monk ability.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Stat Whirling Uppercut Omnistrike Rise and Fall
Chi level 1 2 3
Power 108 370 390 (total)
Stagger damage% increase 5 25 20 (total)
Stagger rate 1 1 4
ATB regain
(normal foes)
400 50 110 (total)
ATB regain
(against staggered foes)
500 100 450
Interrupt strength 30 50 50
Interrupt defense 20 40 40

Using Unbridled Strength consumes an ATB charge to advance Tifa's chi level for a duration, increasing her attack power and cycling between the three abilities. This gives her a more powerful technique for a limited time, indicated by a gauge appearing over the ability name on the HUD; additionally, her current chi level can be visually tracked by the energy surrounding her fists. After she uses the technique, she will drop a chi level. This means that if she has Rise and Fall, she will drop to Omnistrike after using it, and after using Omnistrike, she will drop to Whirling Uppercut.

The first technique, Whirling Uppercut, is a simple uppercut ability with an attack power of 108, and a 5% increase to bonus damage during stagger. It also launches an enemy. Its main strength is in regaining ATB on use, regaining 400 ATB against normal foes and 500 against staggered foes. This means it is best used for setting up other abilities, rather than as a damage dealer.

Omnistrike is a single attack with an attack power of 370 and a greater increase in stagger bonus damage by 25%. It also launches an enemy. However, its ATB regain is minor at 50 against normal enemies or 110 against stronger foes. This means the ability is used more for burst damage in a combo.

Rise and Fall comprises four hits, where the first hit has an attack power of 60, the second 40, the third 90, and the final attack has 200. Each hit increases stagger bonus damage by 5%, totaling 20%. Its ATB regain is high against staggered enemies at 450 total (wherein the first hits regain 100 ATB, and the fourth 150), but only 110 against normal foes (wherein the first two hits regain 20 ATB, the third 30, and the fourth regains 40). This positions Rise and Fall best towards combos against staggered foes.

Reaching a chi level of 3 and using the abilities successively will deal damage totaling an attack power of 868, and increase stagger bonus damage by 50%.

Use[edit | edit source]


Unbridled Strength is Tifa's core mechanic ability, and plays into her strength of performing her attacks in combos, staggering single targets, and increasing bonus stagger damage. She is best using Unbridled Strength ahead of time to advance her chi level early, unleashing the ability before she loses the level. However, the technique should be used before the chi level expires, so as not to waste it.

Tifa's level 2 and 3 Unbridled Strength martial techniques deal damage comparable to other weapon abilities that cost an ATB charge. As they can be prepared in advance and used on the fly, Tifa can therefore deal damage very quickly. Her techniques are best prepared in advance then used in combos with her other abilities. For instance, Starshower will increase the damage that her next attack deals, and thus, using it before Omnistrike can deal significant damage to an enemy. With the base Whirling Uppercut, Tifa can follow it with Divekick, allowing her to divekick on enemies while still in the air, cutting animation time for Divekick and thus performing it quicker.

Against staggered enemies, Tifa's Unbridled Strength techniques should be used in tandem with True Strike, which also increases stagger bonus damage. If her chi levels are prepared in advance, Tifa can use True Strike twice, and then use Rise and Fall, Omnistrike, and Whirling Uppercut to regain ATB, setting up another True Strike attack. Doing so can greatly increase stagger bonus damage to an enemy.

Rise and Fall.

Unbridled Strength relies on Tifa's naturally high Strength Strength (the second-highest below Cloud) to deal damage, and her high Speed Speed (the highest of the party members) to quickly use its techniques in succession with her other abilities. Tifa can further take advantage of this ability with various equipment setups. Equipment that increases her strength can cause these abilities to deal more damage, and weapons with the right ability unlocked give a chance to increase her chi level when battle starts. Leather Gloves Leather Gloves also have an unlockable upgrade that boosts the damage dealt by the Unbridled Strength techniques by +10%.

Beyond equipment setups, many materia can improve her Unbridled Strength techniques. As the abilities all deal physical damage, they can greatly benefit from Elemental Materia Elemental Materia to exploit opponents' weaknesses. However, Unbridled Strength is best optimized by giving Tifa materia that increase the rate her ATB gauges fill. First Strike Materia First Strike Materia can allow her to instantly use Unbridled Strength at the start of a battle, while ATB Boost Materia ATB Boost Materia can allow her to double her ATB charges on command and gain two Unbridled Strength levels instantly. Haste Haste is also a good status to apply to her.

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