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A tentacled terror that absolutely loves the ladies. (The feeling is not mutual.) Seriously strong, seriously annoying. For better or worse, and for all the wrong reasons, he's a legend.
★SUI GENERIS: This unique soul belongs to Ultros from the main story.

Ultros★ is a boss in World of Final Fantasy.


Intervention Quest[]

The Coliseum[]


Location Formation
Intervention Quest - Freak of Nature Ultros★
Intervention Quest - Operation Opera Ultros★
The Coliseum - Say No to Muscleheads Ultros★

Related enemies[]



In Greek mythology, Orthrus or Orthus was, according to the mythographer Apollodorus, a two-headed dog who guarded Geryon's cattle and was killed by Heracles. He was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhon, and the brother of Cerberus, who was also a multi-headed guard dog.