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This form of Ultimecia, more commonly known to fans as Ultimecia-Griever, is fought in the final battle's third stage in Final Fantasy VIII. In this stage, Ultimecia and Griever join forces when Ultimecia junctions herself unto Griever. The battle's theme is "Maybe I'm a Lion".

In Dissidia Final Fantasy Ultimecia's EX Mode is a bipedal version of her Griever form.


Battle Edit

Ultimecia can cast Holy and Dispel at the start of the battle. She also has the ability to instantly kill the party's Guardian Forces, summon little monsters called Helixes, and absorb any KOed characters into time. After Ultimecia summons one Helix, she begins to cast Ultima. If she can summon two Helices, she gains access to Meteor and will begin using her special attack, Great Attractor, every other turn.

Great Attractor deals powerful physical damage to the entire team, but can be defended against with Protect. It is best to kill Ultimecia before she can summon any Helix enemies, but if she does—once she loses about 65% of her HP, her tail falls off and the Helixes disappear. Once her tail falls off, she begins casting Quake and Tornado, but both are preferable to Great Attractor.

After Ultimecia's Griever Form is defeated, Griever disappears for good, but the party must still face Ultimecia one last time.

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Trivia Edit

  • When the player uses Squall's Limit Break Renzokuken during this battle, the animation is slightly different with the animation slowing down and emphasizing the finishing blow, with a total of eight hits.

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