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Ultimecia is a warrior of Spiritus in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade version. She is a Marskman-type character who attacks with magically animated swords and axes in addition to casting traditional spells. Ultimecia returns from her original appearance in the 2008 Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in which she had a very similar combat style.

Ultimecia's default player name is Nameless Sorceress, and her manikin counterpart is renamed Otherworldly Witch.

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Ultimecia's default costume, "Phantasmal Garment", is an updated version of her original appearance in Final Fantasy VIII and the Dissidia series. The magenta tips on her horned hair are now metallic and her aquamarine tattoos/body paint under her chest are darker than in the PSP games, now closer in resemblance to her artwork by Tetsuya Nomura. The first alternate coloration of this costume is an updated version of her "Onyx Dress" attire from the PSP Dissidia games, based on Sorceress Adel's color scheme from Final Fantasy VIII. The white parts are now darker, and the feathered details of the lowest part of her gown are black instead of white. The second alternate coloration is based on her "Onyx Dress" form while in EX mode: her gown is navy blue with purple gradients, her fur ruffle and her wings are light gray, the tips of the wings are purple, and her hair ornaments are black with her horn ornament dark purple with yellow accents.

Ultimecia's first alternate costume is "Edea's Corpse", which is an updated version of the Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy costume based on Sorceress Edea while she was possessed by Ultimecia during Final Fantasy VIII. Ultimecia wears Edea's dress with the fur ruffles around her shoulders more detailed and fuller, and she wears black heels. She no longer junctions with Griever due to EX Mode being reworked into EX Skill. The first alternate coloration recolors her dress a gradient of gold to white, the fur ruffles white, and the frills on the end of the dress black with a purple arrow-shape design. The second alternate recolors her dress a gradient of dark rose to black, the fur ruffles black, and the frills on the end of the dress black with a red arrow-shaped design. In a livestream, the developers have referred to the second alternate color scheme as "raspberry".


Ultimecia throws projectiles that she conjures. None of Ultimecia's weapons have appeared in the Final Fantasy series prior, and are original for the Dissidia series. The French naming and designs of her arms refer to her lavish sense of taste and style in Final Fantasy VIII. Her first three set of weapons represent the classic spell trifecta of the franchise with Witching Hour representing fire, Looking Glass representing ice (which could be an allusion to the ice javellin that Edea used to attack Squall) and Grandeur representing thunder; and the Nightmare alludes to her junctioning herself with Griever in the final battle in Final Fantasy VIII, along with her EX Mode form in the PSP Dissidia games.

Her default weapons are Witching Hour, which take the form of a sword, an axe, an arrow, and a spear. The swords are red, the spears blue, the axes green, and the arrows purple. Their designs are royal with an ornate flair. Her first set of alternate weapons are Looking Glass, in which the sword, arrow and axe resemble crystalline spikes that are primarily green, while the spear has a patterned bladed tip with a thin handle covered with a sharp guard at the base. These designs are spiked with crystal motifs. Her second alternate set of weapons are Grandeur, with golden arms with more elongated spikes, almost electrical-like across each weapon. The third alternate set of weapons are Nightmare, which take on Griever in their designs. The blades are crimson with the sword and arrow featuring Griever's wings, while the axe and spear incorporate his profile. The axe has Griever's side and long tail wrapped around the handle, and his extended wings serve as the axe blade. The spear features Griever's front profile at the top, and his extended horns give off the appearance of a trident.

Story Edit

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Ultimecia returns to World B, having been summoned by Spiritus as one of his champions to help generate battle energy. Ultimecia joins Spiritus's other champions when he reaches out to Materia. Like most of the other warriors, Ultimecia is disinterested in this new cycle and wishes to leave.

Ultimecia lingers around the Pandaemonium gateway when Kefka drags both Exdeath and Tidus into it with him. Kefka tries to persuade Exdeath and Ultimecia into destroying the world. Ultimecia speculates it would release enough energy to form an exit, but is interrupted by Firion and Shantotto, the latter of whom riles Ultimecia during a verbal argument and a battle ensues.

Ultimecia senses the gateway has formed, but is waylaid by Shantotto's magic. Ultimecia watches as Materia's warriors attempt to use the gateway only to be denied entry by a planesgorger. They are further sidetracked by Jecht while Firion and Tidus enter the Besaid gateway. Ultimecia, Exdeath, and Kefka give chase and another fight ensues, however, the planesgorgers are already devouring this realm and Ultimecia decides to retreat.

DFFNT Ultimecia SS

Ultimecia preparing a spell.

When the two gods decide to unite and stage a final clash, Ultimecia faces off against Terra by hounding her with her magic. Y'shtola comes to her defense. Ultimecia combines her magic with the Cloud of Darkness to create a powerful spell, but the plan is thwarted by Shantotto. Once Shinryu, the dragon god responsible for the planesgorgers, awakens and descends upon the battlefield, Ultimecia and the others turn their attacks against him, and after a long battle best him. With the threat eliminated, Ultimecia departs to her homeworld after bestowing her essence in crystal form for Spiritus to use in her place.

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Gameplay Edit

Type: Marksman - Ultimecia can keep on attacking to gain the Maleficium buff, thereby enhancing her Bravery attacks and unique EX Skill. The buff stacks twice.
EX Skill: Maelstrom - Create a magic orb that explodes with a force that becomes more powerful depending on the level of the Maleficium buff.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Relentless Blades Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Ground DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 1
Send swords of dark magic flying toward your opponent. You may channel the spell by holding down Circle. (Can move while casting)
Arcing Axes Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon Ground DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 2
Assail your foe with arcane axxes. You may channel the spell by holding down Circle. (Can move while casting)
Final Sentence Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon Ground DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 3
Tear open a void in the sky that pursues your opponent, raining dark arrows upon their head. (Can move while casting, hold to charge)
Unerring Pikes Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Ground Dash DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 4
Cause a line of magic spears to constsantly burst forth from the earth in your opponent's direction.
Arrows of Rapture Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 5
Send several magic missiles hurtling toward your opponent. You may channel this spell by holding down Circle. (Can move while casting)
Spears of Temperance Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 6
Conjure a magic spear to pierce the opponent from afar. (Can move while casting, hold to charge)
Capering Axes Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 7
Call forth a string of arcane axes that hover briefly in the air before launching toward their target. You may channel this spell by holding down Circle. (Can move while casting)
Protean Swords Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Aerial Dash DFF2015 Ultimecia Ability 8
Evoke a wall of magic swords in front of you, then send them screaming toward your foe.
Great Attractor HP DFF2015 IV Icon DFF2015 Great Attractor
Manifest a planetesimal that moves far out in front of you, draws in nearby foes, and eventually explodes. (Can move while casting)
Shockwave Pulsar HP DFF2015 IV Icon DFF2015 Shockwave Pulsar
Manifest an orb above your head that draws in foes and causes an explosion in your immediate vicinity. (Can move while casting)
Hell's Judgment HP DFF2015 IV Icon DFF2015 Hell's Judgment
Manifest a mystic circle at your opponent's position, from which pillars of light emerge. (Can move while charging)
Apocalypse HP DFF2015 IV Icon DFF2015 Apocalypse
Send a wave of light magic hurtling toward a distant opponent.
Maelstrom EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon DFF2015 Ultimecia Maelstrom
Unleash a dark orb that, once it stops moving, gradually increases in size and eventually explodes. (Can move while casting)

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