Encounters[edit | edit source]

Dissidia[edit | edit source]

Let us begin.

This battle is a waste of time.

Poor child...

I am a witch that can manipulate time.

You'll regret having met me.

Resist no more.

Are you sure you're ready?

I will deny all you stand for.

Your timing couldn't be worse.
when HP is low

Don't take pity on me!
when HP is low

Let me see how strong you are.
when opponent is stronger

Why stand in the way of a witch?
when opponent is stronger

I hope your dreams are sweet.
when opponent is weaker

This will be over in a moment.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012[edit | edit source]

Drown into evanescence!

Fall into eternal slumber.

Witness the power of time.

Fate does not smile upon you.

The past, present and future ends here.

You would oppose a witch?
when opponent is stronger

I will teach you true fear.
when opponent is stronger

A folly of time.
when HP is low

Time to show my true power.
when HP is low

Wither away obediently.

A waste of my time.

Let me show you the powers of a witch.
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

You should have fled.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

I will negate all existence.
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Done already?
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific[edit | edit source]

Dissidia[edit | edit source]

Is a momentary gleam all you need?
Warrior of Light

We both know you're a slave to time.

There is no time to dream young man.

Time reigns over all!
The Emperor

Ha, my foe, a child?
Onion Knight

You would fight against me?
Cloud of Darkness

Do not resist temptation!

You should be honest with yourself.

Is his head empty?

The Void is part of time and space...

Perhaps your gears are stuck...

How do I know if you're serious?

No use trying to erase the past.

Go back to the time of your memory.

You do not have a place here.

Either you or I is an impostor.

I wonder if you can dance with me.

There are manners even in battle...

Your mouth will get you in trouble.

Would you like to escape from infinity?

I am more powerful than you...

Have you lost something in the past?

You are another victim of time...

Dissidia 012[edit | edit source]

The past and future eventually fade...
Warrior of Light

Afraid of an unsatiated desire?

Dreams are meant to be broken.

You are merely the pawn of a god.
The Emperor

Why don't you go home.
Onion Knight

Will you be able to entertain me?
Cloud of Darkness

One cannot escape the chains of time!

You plan to oppose me?

You suppose you can change fate?

This is not a game.

Return to the Void yourself.

An unrefined stray.

It's okay to cry.

Seems you're in a rush to die.

Memories are but tricks of time

What an awful Tomboy.

Glory fades away into history.

Can you fight alone?

Could it be that you're short-handed?

A witch has many faces, my dear.

Behave and die.

A poor loser is unseemly.

I'll drown you in the flow of time.

You seem to have resolve.

Seems you've left some memories in the past.

You shall fortify my powers.

Your time is frozen as well.

Now's your chance to flee.

A shameful would-be martyr.

Pointless struggle is so unsightly.

Discord is but a child born from time

A time of madness... how pitiful.
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific[edit | edit source]

Treachery of the Gods: Ally
Ultimecia: "You'll be rejoining your allies soon."
Tifa: "Yeah, soon as I'm done with you!"

Treachery of the Gods: An Undocumented Battle
Ultimecia: "Throwing away a life once spared."
Tifa: "Who said I was?"

Resolve for Seclusion
Ultimecia: "A path of tepid solitude."
Squall: "I'm gonna go at you full-force."

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
Ultimecia: "And I went out of my way to warn you."
Warrior of Light: "I needn't a foe's advice."

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Ultimecia: "Now, dissolve into my world."
Squall: There's no such thing as "your world.""

Battle[edit | edit source]

when using Knight's Blade

when using Knight's Blade (charged)

when using Knight's Axe

Right through!
when using Knight's Arrow

How's this?
when using Knight's Arrow (charged) or using HP attack during chase

when using Knight's Spear

On your knees!
when using Knight's Spear (charged)

Deep despair... What are you looking at?
when using Shockwave Pulsar

This will be painful... Pathetic.
when using Great Attractor

There is no running from this pain... Regret awaits.
when using Apocalypse

Absolute denial! End of existence.
when using Hell's Judgment

Come, Griever!
when activating EX Mode

when using Time Crush

Time! Playtime is over!... Eternal sleep.
when EX Burst is performed

Is that all?
when activating EX Revenge

Shall I lend a hand?
when called as an Assist

final blow

Sample voices[edit | edit source]

Dissidia 012[edit | edit source]


Don't make me laugh!

The power of Time Compression!

Such egregious arrogance!

The power of Junction.

Victory[edit | edit source]

Dissidia[edit | edit source]

I want you to revere me.

No one is superior to me.

Reality is harsh, is it not?

Such a waste of time.

This is the reality of time.
when HP is low

I shall even control fate.
when HP is low

Not what I expected...
when opponent is stronger

Oh, are we done here?
when opponent is stronger

What a shame...
when opponent is weaker

You should start over from the past.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012[edit | edit source]

Cry yourself into sorrow.

Regret will not turn back time.

How underwhelming...

At least that killed time.

What a boring outing that was.

I am the only one who is truly eternal.

I shall remember that face of yours.

Pain is the due a witch seeks.

Defeat[edit | edit source]

Dissidia[edit | edit source]

This is not the end...!

Was I...defeated?

How...? I control everything...

I lost...to the likes of you!?

The time of ruination...

I cannot disappear just yet...

Could this also be fate?
when opponent is stronger

Could I win if I turn back time?
when opponent is stronger

How could this be?
when opponent is weaker

Has time betrayed me?
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012[edit | edit source]

You will resist fate?

Time is fading...

Is this a trick?

Luck was not on my side, that's all.

A fault in time...

I will not accept this.

Ugh... not yet!

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