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Cloud's Ultima Weapon, the classic example of an ultimate weapon.

The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

An ultimate weapon (最終武器, Saishuu Buki?, lit. last weapon) is a widely used term to refer to a single weapon model that objectively surpasses all others of its kind in both usefulness and power. In most installments of the Final Fantasy series, each type of weapon features a single ultimate weapon, and it is possible to pinpoint an ultimate weapon from each available weapon type in the game.

Ultimate weapons are often unique and available through sidequests, which may range from item creation to being found at the defeat of optional bosses and/or optional dungeons. In most cases, the series' most powerful weapons have recurred even if in name only. Re-releases commonly offer new ultimate weapons not present in the games' original releases.


Final Fantasy[]

The Masamune.

Until the Dawn of Souls release for the Game Boy Advance, the best weapon was the Masamune, which had the greatest attack power and could be equipped by every job. However, the Excalibur could easily deliver more damage despite its lower attack power due to being effective against all weaknesses.

The Dawn of Souls release adds several new weapons, among them the Ultima Weapon, whose attack power is bound to the wielder's current HP, and thus can reach an attack power of 99, far surpassing any other weapon. It can be equipped by every advanced job.

In the 20th Anniversary version, new pieces of equipment were added as rewards for the Labyrinth of Time sidequest, but only one weapon surpasses the Ultima Weapon in attack power: the Barbarian's Sword. It can be equipped by Warriors, Knights, Red Mages, and Red Wizards.

Final Fantasy II[]

Staff of Light.

The best weapons changed with successive re-releases. Until the Dawn of Souls release, the best weapon was the Masamune, which, like all weapons, could be equipped by every character; however, unlike every other weapon, it gave no penalties to magic accuracy, reflecting how it could be used by every class in the original Final Fantasy.

In the Dawn of Souls release the playable characters of the new Soul of Rebirth storyline received exclusive weapons, obtainable at the Unknown Palace:

Character Weapon Type
Minwu Stardust Rod Staff
Scott Wild Rose Sword
Ricard Wyvern's Lance Spear
Josef Bracers Gauntlet

In the 20th Anniversary release for the PlayStation Portable and mobile platforms, new ultimate weapons were released for every playable character of the main storyline, obtainable through the Arcane Labyrinth sidequest.

Character Weapon Type
Firion Ragnarok Sword
Maria Artemis Bow Bow
Guy Gigantaxe Axe
Leon Longinus Spear
Minwu Staff of Light Staff
Josef Dragon Claws Knife
Gordon Gungnir Spear
Leila Dancing Dagger Knife
Ricard Abel's Lance Spear

As in the Dawn of Souls release, the playable characters of the Soul of Rebirth mode will keep their equipment from a normal cleared save, and as such, it is possible to keep Minwu's, Josef's and Ricard's weapons from the Arcane Labyrinth, considering they had them equipped as they left the party.

Final Fantasy III[]

The Onion Sword.

A character's equipment is limited by their job. The most powerful weapon is the Shuriken, which always deals 9999 damage, but can only be used by Ninja, and is consumed upon use. However, several other powerful weapons are available.

In the original release, the strongest weapon was the Onion Sword, which could be equipped by the namesake Onion Knight. Many weapons of comparable power to the Onion Sword, and accessible to many jobs, can be found at Eureka, each protected by strong bosses.

Weapon Type Boss
Moonring Blade Thrown Amon
Masamune Dark Blade Kunoichi
Excalibur Sword General
Ragnarok Sword Guardian
Elder Staff Staff Scylla

The 3D remake adds new sidequests involving a new character, the Legendary Smith, that yield new powerful job-exclusive weapons and armor by maxing a job's level with any character. A new ultimate weapon, the Ultima Weapon, offers significantly greater stat boosts than the Onion Sword at the expense of one unit of attack power. Each of the mentioned weapons can only be obtained once.

Additionally, the spear Gungnir, which can be stolen from Odin, is as powerful as any of the aforementioned weapons.

Legendary Smith weapons
Job Weapon Type
Warrior Gigantic Axe Axe
Black Mage Lilith Rod Rod
Thief Gladius Dagger
Knight Save the Queen Sword
Ranger Artemis Bow Bow
Scholar Omnitome Book
Geomancer Blessed Bell Bell
Dark Knight Murakumo Dark Blade
Dragoon Magic Lance Spear
Viking Mighty Hammer Hammer
Devout Holy Wand Staff
Magus Millennium Rod Rod
Ninja Muramasa Dark Blade
Sage Sage Staff Staff
Onion Knight Onion Blade Sword

Final Fantasy IV[]

2D versions[]


The ultimate weapons for the main final party can be found at the Lunar Subterrane, the final dungeon. Both Rosa and Rydia have access to a pair of weapons that each maximize their physical and magical prowess, however, only one of the two can be found as treasure, while the other is a drop from a random encountered enemy. Meanwhile, Cecil, Kain, and Edge can find weapons that optimize their melee skill.

Character Weapon Type Acquisition
Kain Holy Lance Spear Find: Lunar Subterrane (defeat Plague Horror)
Rydia Dragon Whisker Whip Drop: Blue Dragon, Fiend Dragon
Stardust Rod Rod Find: Lunar Subterrane (defeat Behemoth)
Cecil Ragnarok Sword Find: Lunar Subterrane (defeat Dark Bahamut)
Rosa Artemis Bow Bow Drop: Moonmaiden
Sage's Staff Staff Find: Lunar Subterrane
Edge Murasame Katana Find: Lunar Subterrane (defeat White Dragon)
Masamune Katana Find: Lunar Subterrane (defeat Ogopogo)

The Advance and Complete Collection releases add two bonus dungeons. The Cave of Trials contains powerful weapons for the returning party members that could rejoin Cecil's party at Mysidia's Tower of Prayers after the defeat of the Giant of Babil.

A new post-game optional dungeon, the Lunar Ruins, contains powerful and exclusive weapons for each character, obtained in treasure chests or as rewards from the dungeon's character-specific trials.

Character Weapon Type Obtained
Yang Dragon Claws Claws Treasure
Tiger Fangs Claws Treasure
Edward Loki's Lute Harp Treasure
Rydia Mystic Whip Whip Treasure
Cecil Lightbringer Sword Cecil's Trial
Rosa Perseus Bow Bow Treasure
Edge Sasuke's Katana Katana Treasure
Mutsunokami Katana Treasure
Kain Abel's Lance Spear Kain's Trial
Cid Flare Sledgehammer Hammer Cid's Trial
Palom Asura's Rod Rod Treasure
Porom Nirvana Staff Treasure

3D versions[]

The five final characters' ultimate weapons were significantly changed: while Kain, Cecil and Edge's respective weapons were powered, Rosa's Artemis Bow and Rydia's Dragon Whisker lost their penalties to magic stats, and the Sage's Staff became weaker than the Rune Staff in every aspect.

The remake also added a new ultimate weapon equippable by both Cecil and Kain, the Onion Sword.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The best weapons of each type are available in the final chapter at the Subterrane and Depths of the True Moon, and are obtained as rewards for defeating certain bosses in those areas.

Type Weapon Enemy
Axe Gigant Axe Iron Giant
Boomerang Rising Sun Marilith
Bow Perseus Bow Echidna
Claws Dragon Claws Tiamat
Tiger Fangs King Behemoth
Dagger Assassin's Dagger Lich
Hammer Thor's Hammer Cerberus
Harp Loki's Harp Beelzebub
Holy Sword Ragnarok Nova Dragon
Katana Mutsunokami Ghost Train
Rod Stardust Rod Scarmiglione
Spear Holy Lance Twinhead Dragon
Staff Seraphim Mace Astaroth
Sword Ultima Weapon Ultima Weapon
Whip Mystic Whip Leviathan

Final Fantasy V[]

The Gaia Bell.

There are twelve weapons known as "Sealed Weapons" held in Kuza, the Sealed Castle. Boomerang is the only weapon type not to have a corresponding Sealed Weapon. However, these are not the most powerful weapons.

The most powerful weapons are obtained by defeating a strong boss or finding them from the bonus dungeon introduced in Final Fantasy V Advance: Sealed Temple.

Rune Chime was the most powerful bell in the SNES/PS versions, won from Baldanders, but Tinklebell in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions is more powerful and is obtained by defeating the Twintania.

Artemis' Bow was the most powerful bow in the SNES/PS/PR versions, found in the Istory Falls or stolen from Dragon Aevis, but in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam releases, Fairy's Bow is more powerful and is obtained by defeating Grand Aevis.

In the SNES/PS/PR versions Murakumo is the most powerful katana, stolen from Yojimbo or the final boss, but Mutsunokami is the most powerful katana in the Advance and the discontinued mobile/Steam versions, and is found in Sealed Temple Lethe Court - Shadowed Gate.

In the SNES/PS/PR versions Ragnarok was the most powerful knight sword, obtained by defeating Shinryu in the final dungeon, or stealing from the final boss, Neo Exdeath. The Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions have an even more powerful sword, the Apocalypse, found from the Sealed Temple.

Man-Eater is the most powerful knife in SNES/PS/PR versions, stolen from Alchymia or found in the Interdimensional Rift, but the Gladius surpasses it in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions, being found from the Arena in Sealed Temple.

Demon's Rod is the most powerful rod in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions, found in Sealed Temple. Kagenui is the most powerful short sword, found in the Sealed Temple Heart of Ronka B1 area.

Dragon Lance is the most powerful spear in the SNES/PS/PR versions, stolen from Crystal Dragon, Jura Aevis, or Neo Exdeath's middle section, but it is surpassed by the Longinus in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions, found in Sealed Temple Hall of Tranquility area.

Judgment Staff is the most powerful staff in the SNES/PS/PR versions, stolen from Black Warlock, Istory Lythos or Exdeath, but is surpassed by the Mace of Zeus in the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions, found from the Ruined Shrine in the Sealed Temple.

Regular swords don't have a Sealed Weapon. In the SNES/PS/PR versions Enhancer is the strongest sword, stolen from a Sword Dancer or found in Istory Falls or Interdimensional Rift. In the Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions, Ultima Weapon is the strongest sword, obtained from the superboss Neo Shinryu.

Finally, Dragon's Whisker is the strongest whip, obtained from Stingray and stolen from Shinryu.

Final Fantasy VI[]

The Lightbringer.

The Lightbringer and the Ultima Weapon are the two strongest weapons. The Lightbringer has an attack power of 255, gives + to all stats, and +50% to Evasion and Magic Evasion, as well as dealing critical hits using MP, being Holy-elemental and randomly casting Holy, dealing the same damage from the back row, and having a perfect hit rate. It can be obtained by betting the Ragnarok in the Coliseum.

The Ultima Weapon can be found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate in the World of Balance. The Ultima Weapon pierces defense and deals more damage based on the user's current HP, and eventually becomes the most powerful weapon at high enough levels. At lower levels and HP, however, it can often be outclassed by other weapons.

In the Advance and 2014 versions, all characters except for Gau and Umaro have unique ultimate weapons found in the Dragons' Den, obtained after defeating a certain boss within, or alternatively by betting another ultimate weapon in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. None of the weapons are statistically better than the Lightbringer, however.

  • Terra's Apocalypse has an attack power of 250, gives +7 boosts for Strength and Magic and +20% boosts for Evasion and Magic Evasion, and consumes MP when attacking for a critical hit. It is won by defeating Red Dragon or by betting the Save the Queen in the Coliseum.
  • Locke's Zwill Crossblade has an attack power of 220, gives +3 boosts for Strength and Stamina, a +7 boost for Speed, a +30% boost for Evasion, and a +20% boost for Magic Evasion, is Wind-elemental, and randomly inflicts Sleep when attacking. It is obtained by defeating Gold Dragon or by betting the Oborozuki in the Coliseum.
  • Edgar's Longinus has an attack power of 235 and gives a +7 boost for Strength and +3 boosts for Speed and Stamina, however, no damage bonus is granted for Jump. It is won by defeating Storm Dragon or by betting the Gungnir in the Coliseum.
  • Sabin's Godhand has an attack power of 220, gives +7 boosts for Strength and Stamina and a +3 boost for Speed, and is Holy-elemental. It is won by defeating Earth Dragon or by betting the Zanmato in the Coliseum.
  • Shadow's Oborozuki has an attack power of 225 and gives +7 boosts for Strength and Speed, a +50% boost for Evasion, and a +10% boost for Magic Evasion. It is won by defeating Flan Princess or by betting the Zwill Crossblade in the Coliseum.
  • Cyan's Zanmato has an attack power of 245, gives +7 boosts for Strength and Stamina and a +30% boost for Evasion, and is Holy-elemental. It is won by defeating Holy Dragon or by betting the Godhand in the Coliseum.
  • Celes's Save the Queen has an attack power of 240, gives +7 boosts for Stamina and Magic and +40% boosts for Evasion and Magic Evasion, and consumes MP when attacking for a critical hit. It is won by defeating Blue Dragon or by betting the Apocalypse in the Coliseum.
  • Setzer's Final Trump has an attack power of 215, gives +4 boosts for Speed and Stamina and a +3 boost for Strength, and consumes MP when attacking for a critical hit. It is won by defeating Ice Dragon or by betting the Scorpion Tail in the Coliseum.
  • Mog's Gungnir has an attack power of 240 and gives +7 boosts for Stamina and Magic, however no damage bonus is granted for Jump. It is won by defeating Neslug or by betting the Longinus in the Coliseum.
  • Strago's Stardust Rod has an attack power of 180, gives a +7 boost for Magic and a +4 boost for Stamina, and randomly casts Meteor when attacking. It is found in a chest in the Dragons' Den or by betting the Angel Brush in the Coliseum.
  • Relm's Angel Brush has an attack power of 170, gives +7 boosts for Magic and Speed, and randomly casts Muddle when attacking. It is won by defeating Plague or by betting the Stardust Rod in the Coliseum.
  • Gogo's Scorpion Tail has an attack power of 225, gives +4 for Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Magic, and is Poison-elemental, thus it may randomly cast Bio when attacking. It is won by defeating Skull Dragon or by betting the Final Trump in the Coliseum.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Princess Guard.

Ultimate weapons are distinguishable for having unique damage algorithms, as well as eight linked Materia slots with zero Materia growth. Because of the weapons' unique damage algorithms, the damage they deal can be lower than that of other weapons under certain circumstances, making them not always the ideal weapon to equip. Unlike most other damage modifiers, each character's ultimate weapon applies the damage modifier after all other modifiers, instead of modifying the attack strength of the weapon itself.

Cloud's ultimate weapon is the Ultima Weapon, dropped by the Ultimate Weapon boss. It deals more damage based on how close Cloud is to full HP.

This "raw damage" is then modified by the attack's strength (1 if it is a normal attack) and other modifiers. At full HP, the weapon would deal 4x damage and 1x damage at about 1/3rd HP.

Barret's ultimate weapon, the Missing Score, is found inside the Sister Ray just before battling Helletic Hojo, but Barret must be in the party to receive it. It deals more damage the more AP the Materia loaded onto it contain. Because of its unique damage algorithm, Missing Score is subject to the overflow glitch that can let Barret kill any opponent in one hit.

Master Magic, Master Command, Master Summon, Enemy Skill, and Underwater Materia do not add to this formula.

Tifa's ultimate weapon is the Premium Heart obtained by examining a machine in the abandoned building that has a sign "ITEM" outside in Wall Market. It can be obtained after the player has found the Key to Midgar buried in Bone Village, which becomes available when Cloud and Tifa rejoin the party.

The damage that is dealt by Premium Heart is calculated as follows:

The maximum Limit Bar Units is 255 regardless of Limit level (the Limit level simply adjusts the rate at which the bar fills). When the bar is full, the weapon does roughly 1–4x of its normal damage depending on the Limit level, and would do 1/16 of that damage when the Limit bar is empty. Unlike most weapon damage modifiers, this modifier doesn't solely adjust the weapon's attack power, but the character's final attack power, which includes Tifa's Strength and weapon attack bonus.

There may be a bug with the formula as the way it is written, the "1" value has almost no effect. If the formula was instead : , the weapon would do 1x its normal damage when the Limit bar is empty and up to 5x damage with a full level 4 Limit gauge. The actual formula causes Tifa to do less than normal damage unless her Limit bar is at least 1/4th full at Limit level 4, which many players consider worse than a non-ultimate weapon. The God's Hand, Tifa's "second best" weapon, has 255% accuracy, which makes it ideal to use with Deathblow for an automatic critical hit. Tifa's Powersoul deals double damage if Tifa's in Near-Death status, and if Tifa has Death-sentence status it quadruples the damage. Both multipliers stack. Powersoul can be found in Mt. Nibel in the area Materia Keeper is fought. Another of Tifa's weapons, the Master Fist, deals more damage the more status ailments Tifa is afflicted with, and can be found in Shinra Building shop in Part 2.

Aeris's ultimate weapon, Princess Guard, can be found in room four of the clock room in the Temple of the Ancients. It is the only ultimate weapon that has Materia growth and has fewer than eight linked Materia slots. It deals more damage if her allies are KO'd.

The Limited Moon, Red XIII's ultimate weapon, is found by talking to Bugenhagen at Cosmo Canyon in endgame with Red XIII in the party. It deals more damage based on how close Red XIII is to full MP.

Yuffie's ultimate weapon, the Conformer, can be found in the Gelnika, accessible via the submarine. It does more damage the higher level the opponents are, and ignores the Morph damage penalty. When used against allies it deals 1 HP damage but there is no attack sound and no damage numbers are displayed.

Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, the HP Shout, can be found on the 64th floor of the Shinra Building. The megaphone can only be obtained after Cait Sith becomes a playable character, so it cannot be obtained until the party revisits the headquarters in Part 2. It deals more damage based on how close Cait Sith is to full HP.

The Death Penalty, Vincent's ultimate weapon, is found in ???. The player must trigger a storyline event there by visiting the cave behind the waterfall near Nibelheim with both Cloud and Vincent in the party (with a colored chocobo or the submarine), and then win 2 to 11 random encounters and return to the cave to obtain the weapon. Death Penalty's power is boosted after every enemy Vincent kills. Due to a damage overflow glitch, if enough enemies are killed, the Death Penalty can kill any enemy with a single hit, including superbosses.

This is then modified by the attack's power; for normal attacks, the multiplier is 1.0. For a plot graph of this formula see here. To reach a base 1.0 damage multiplier, Vincent would need 768 kills. To get 4.0 damage multiplier, Vincent needs 6,912 kills.

The number of Vincent's kills is capped at , but, as the division by 128 is actually a right bits shift by 7 (logarithm in base 2 of 128), only the quotient is considered. This means the Power stat raises by every 128 kills; in particular the maximum power is granted as soon as Vincent has killed enemies, since , which is greater than the cap. For a physical attack the Technique Power is always 16, therefore in that scenario the maximum power is .

Cid's ultimate weapon, the Venus Gospel, can be obtained by talking to the man who was staring at the rocket at Rocket Town after it has been launched. If the player speaks to the man three times, he will give the player Cid's ultimate weapon. It deals more damage based on how close Cid is to full MP.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The Shooting Star.

As it is not a requisite to read the corresponding Weapons Monthly magazines before the weapons can be modeled in a junk shop, the characters' ultimate weapons can be crafted as early as the player collects the required items (often the easiest done by modifying Triple Triad cards). This means everyone but Irvine can potentially obtain their strongest weapon on disc 1 (before the end of the Deling City parade).

However, the weapons' attack stats are not significant due to the Junction system, making only Squall's Lion Heart and Selphie's Strange Vision notable among them; Lion Heart for providing Squall his ultimate Renzokuken technique, and Strange Vision having natural 255% accuracy.

Squall's Lion Heart requires Adamantine x1, Dragon Fang x4 and Pulse Ammo x12 to make, and costs 2,000 gil. Adamantine can be obtained from Adamantoises on beaches north of Dollet, and by modifying Minotaur's card. Dragon Fangs are obtained from LV1–19 Grendels, LV20–29 T-Rexaurs, and Blue Dragons on any level. Pulse Ammo must be refined with Ifrit's Ammo-RF from Energy Crystals (easiest obtained from Elnoyles), Laser Cannons and Power Generators.

Rinoa's Shooting Star requires (Final Fantasy VIII)Windmill x2, Regen Ring x1, Force Armlet x1, Energy Crystal x2 and costs 1,000 gil.

Zell's Ehrgeiz requires Adamantine x1, Dragon Skin x4, Fury Fragment x1 and costs 800 gil.

Quistis's Save the Queen requires Malboro Tentacle x2, Sharp Spike x4, Energy Crystal x4 and costs 800 gil.

Selphie's Strange Vision requires Adamantine x1, Star Fragment x3, Curse Spike x2 and costs 800 gil.

Irvine's Exeter requires Dino Bone x2, Moon Stone x1, Star Fragment x2, Screw x18 and costs 800 gil.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The Ultima Weapon.

Zidane's ultimate weapon is the Ultima Weapon found in an unmarked chocobo bubble on the site where the Shimmering Island used to be. After the party obtains the Invincible the island will be gone, but will still be marked on the map. If the player dives with Choco (by using a Dead Pepper exactly on the right spot), they can find the Ultima Weapon. It teaches Flee and inflicts the Sleep status when used with Soul Blade.

Tiger Racket is the strongest racket usable by both Dagger and Eiko. It is obtained from the bubble below Quan's Dwelling. The player must enter Quan's Dwelling and look down from the ledge after they have trained Choco to dark blue color. It teaches Dispel and is Wind-elemental. However, Dagger and Eiko being mage-type characters means their physical attack will always be weak, and thus Magic Racket with its +2 Magic and boost to Holy damage may be more useful.

Dagger's other ultimate weapon is the Whale Whisker, found after uncovering Chocograph 18, Ocean. It teaches Curaga and Life.

Eiko's other ultimate weapon is the Angel Flute, found in the Past room in Memoria. It teaches Eiko Esuna and Curaga, as well as her strongest spell, Holy.

Steiner's ultimate weapon is the Excalibur II found in Memoria if the player inspects the pillar in the Gate to Space room with less than 12 hours on the game clock. It is Holy-elemental and teaches Minus Strike, Climhazzard and Stock Break. Because of the arduous challenge to obtain this weapon, Steiner's second best weapon, the Ragnarok, is often considered his other ultimate weapon. Found in the Chocograph 21, Outer Island, Ragnarok inflicts the Slow status when used with the Add Status ability, and teaches Shock and Thunder Slash.

Vivi's ultimate weapon is the Mace of Zeus found in Memoria's Stairs room. It inflicts the Mini status when used with Add Status, and teaches Doomsday, Vivi's most powerful Black Magic spell.

Freya's ultimate weapon is the Dragon's Hair found at the mountain crack (by feeding Choco a Dead Pepper at the correct spot) northwest of Oeilvert. It teaches the Dragon Breath ability.

Quina's ultimate weapon is the Gastro Fork obtained after catching 99 frogs in the marshes and defeating the boss that appears. It inflicts the Stop status with Add Status ability and teaches High Tide.

Amarant's ultimate weapon is the Rune Claws found in the Time Interval room in Memoria. It inflicts the Darkness status with Add Status ability and teaches Spare Change, Demi Shock and Revive.

Obtaining ultimate weapons yields achievements/trophies in the versions that support an achievements system.

Final Fantasy X[]

The Onion Knight doll.

The ultimate weapons are called "Celestial Weapons," and each of the seven permanent party members has one. The weapons are actually detrimental when first obtained, as they carry the No AP ability. To overcome this, each weapon must be enhanced using two corresponding key items (crests and sigils), each named for a celestial body corresponding to the character: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Celestial Weapons are obtained by performing a task (although the Celestial Mirror key item must be obtained first), while the Crests are found in treasure chests and the Sigils are won by excelling in minigames and sidequests. When fully enhanced, the Celestial Weapons have four abilities, which are generally complementary to the wielder's personality and/or default combat style.

With the exception of Tidus's and Rikku's weapons, each Celestial Weapon allows a certain aeon to break the damage limit. Celestial Weapons ignore the defense of enemies when attacking physically. The Caladbolg, World Champion, Spirit Lance, and Godhand do damage based on how close their wielders' are to full HP. The Masamune does damage based on how low its wielder's HP is. Onion Knight and Nirvana do damage based on how close their wielders' are to full MP.

While the game's Customization feature makes it possible for players to manually create weapons with the same abilities as the Celestial Weapons, any such weapons will not take on the Celestial Weapons' names. They will not ignore defense, have any effect on aeons, or have the damage vary in different circumstances.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Almace.

Final Fantasy XI does not feature singular ultimate weapons, due to its great variety of equipment and customization, but there are five particular sets of unique and powerful weapons that are highly prized and extremely difficult to obtain: the Relic Weapons, the Mythic Weapons, the Empyrean Weapons, the Ergon Weapons, and the Aeonic Weapons. All five varieties require a large amount of time, gil, or teamwork, often some combination of the three, to obtain, and all three types provide the wielder with extraordinary power and a unique weapon skill. Each type of ultimate weapon is associated with the content of a particular expansion or group of expansions.

Relic Weapons[]

Relic Weapons can only be obtained by traveling into the realm of Dynamis to collect the basic variety of relic weapon. The player must upgrade the weapon by giving a goblin certain items and ancient currency obtained within Dynamis. Due to the exceptionally high amount of currency required to upgrade relic weapons, people often need to purchase ancient currency from other players to acquire them within a reasonable time frame. Relic weapons are divided by weapon type. Relic weapons are the ultimate weapon type associated with Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart and Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia; accordingly, jobs released from the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack and beyond are incapable of wielding them.

Mythic Weapons[]

Mythic Weapons, arguably harder to obtain than any other type of weapon, randomly drop in their base version from bosses in the Nyzul Isle investigation missions. To upgrade the weapon, the player must first obtain the Captain rank in Salaheem's Sentinels. Then, the player may begin a long series of quests to upgrade the weapon. Few mythic weapons have been fully upgraded, partly because the weapon is the most difficult to obtain, and partly because there is a quest available to teach the players the weapon skill attached to the mythic weapon. Mythic weapons are divided by the job the weapon is designed for, and each weapon contains a different weapon skill. Mythic weapons are the ultimate weapon type associated with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion, but two more were added when Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess was released for the Wings of the Goddess jobs. However, no more mythic weapons were added after that point for the remaining jobs.

Empyrean Weapons[]

Empyrean Weapons are designed to be upgraded through a variety of trials involving slaying creatures or Notorious Monsters a number of times, sometimes under certain conditions. As the weapon becomes stronger, the trials required to upgrade the weapon become harder, often requiring groups to complete. Although the empyrean weapons were the cheapest variety of weapon to obtain, they also require a lot of work. Like relic weapons, empyrean weapons are grouped by weapon type rather than by job. Empyrean weapons are the ultimate weapon type associated with the Abyssea expansions, and accordingly they cannot be wielded by the jobs released after that.

Ergon Weapons[]

Ergon weapons are the equivalent of mythic weapons for the Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin jobs Geomancer and Rune Fencer. There are only two of them. Each involves a unique quest and the acquisition of numerous items from Adoulin content.

Aeonic Weapons[]

Aeonic weapons are the ultimate weapon type associated with the final expansion, Final Fantasy XI: Rhapsodies of Vana'diel. Unlike the other ultimate weapon types, which require immense quantities of a specific upgrade item (ancient currency for relics, alexandrite for mythic, heavy metal plates for empyrean, and high-purity bayld for ergon), aeonic weapons require that the strongest Notorious Monsters be defeated without the aid of Primeval Brew. Since one must have extremely powerful equipment to manage this, aeonic weapons virtually require that at least one of the other, more expensive, ultimate weapons be completed first. Because there are no more expansions, and hence no more jobs, after Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, aeonic weapons can be equipped by every job. Like relic weapons, they are grouped by weapon type rather than by job.

Ambuscade Weapons[]

Ambuscade weapons are earned through Ambuscade, a battlefield with new content monthly. They are the least complex weapons to obtain, only requiring a player to earn points by repeatedly completing relatively simple battles for all but one item, which is obtained through old battle content. They are the easiest weapons to obtain, with it possible to get even without amazing end-game gear if one is willing to invest the time.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The Zodiac Spear.

Each weapon type can be considered to have an "ultimate" version. New ultimate weapons were added to the Zodiac versions.

The Zodiac Spear is the strongest weapon and spear with 150 Attack Power. In the original version, it is found in the Necrohol of Nabudis when the player doesn't open any of the unmarked forbidden chests. Zodiac Spear can also be found in a random treasure in the Henne Mines, but it has very low chance to spawn (1/1000). In the Zodiac versions, the forbidden chest concept was removed. Zodiac Spear is not available through the Rare Game quest and remains as a treasure in the Henne Mines.

Another notable weapon is the Tournesol, the ultimate greatsword. It isn't as strong as the Zodiac Spear, with an Attack Power of 140, however, it has a better chance of dealing hit combos. It can be obtained by selling Gemsteel x3, Empyreal Soul x3 and Serpentarius x3, and bought for 600,000 gil at the bazaar. Its loot are arduous to obtain and require to be crafted in the bazaar themselves (see the Tournesol article for a guide for how to obtain).

The Wyrmhero Blade is another powerful greatsword with the Attack Power of 130, and a very high evasion of 50%. It can be obtained by collecting Lu Shang's Badge from the fishing minigame, The Godslayer's Badge from slaying Yiazmat, and the Omega Badge from slaying Omega Mark XII, and then selling them. The weapon will then appear in the bazaar for purchase. The weapon has a lower attack power than the Tournesol and a very slow charge time, which, coupled with its difficult requirements (the player needs to have already defeated the obvious monsters to use it on), severely limits its usefulness. However, it has inherent Bravery and Faith, and the highest combo rate of 80%, giving it an edge in some circumstances over the Tournesol and other ultimate weapons. Though mainly a trophy item, the Wyrmhero Blade is more useful in the Zodiac versions where the damage cap has been removed, where it can be wielded by any job as it doesn't have a license, and where it can be used in the Trial Mode, and even obtained from the Trial Mode, meaning the player can potentially get one as early as they can beat Stage 50.

Original version[]

Durandal is the ultimate one-handed sword with 99 Attack Power. It is bought from the bazaar for 21,600 gil by selling Lifewick x3, Emperor Scale x2, and Leshach Halcyon x1.


Danjuro is the ultimate dagger with 80 Attack Power, and is notorious for how difficult it is to obtain. It is dropped by the Larva Eater (rare).

Scorpion Tail is the ultimate weapon in the axes and hammers category with 119 Attack Power. It is bought from the bazaar for 60,000 gil after selling Charged Gizzard x3, Wyrm Bone x3 and Scorpio Gem x4.

Grand Mace is the ultimate mace with 72 Attack Power and reward for the Pylraster hunt.

Euclid's Sextant is the ultimate measure with 35 Attack Power that grants the Bubble status to whatever it hits. It is a reward for Wild Malboro hunt and found in a chest on the Cerobi Steppe (Diamond Armlet is needed).

Masamune is the ultimate katana and has the highest chance to deal hit combos, especially when coupled with the Genji Glove accessory. This makes it useful for enemies that have damage caps, such as the later stages of Yiazmat, where combo abilities are more useful than Attack Power. Masamune is reward for the Gilgamesh hunt, or by selling Gemsteel x2, Orichalcum x3 and Mallet x2 and bought from the bazaar for 350,000 gil.

Yagyu Darkblade is the strongest ninja sword, dropped by the rare game Bombshell.

Whale Whisker is the ultimate pole. It can be bought from the bazaar for 60,000 gil after selling Mythril x3, Corpse Fly x3 and Aquarius Gem x4.

Rod of Faith is the ultimate rod. It is obtainable on Mt Bur-Omisace after Behemoth King hunt. It can't be blocked or parried by enemies.

Staff of the Magi is the ultimate staff stolen from Luxollid. It boosts Holy damage by 50%.

Sagittarius is the ultimate bow bought from the bazaar for 60,000 gil by selling Beastlord Horn x3, Moon Ring x3 and Sagittarius Gem x4. The Artemis Arrows are the ultimate arrows, bought for 15,000 gil from the bazaar after selling Vampyr Fang x2, Dorsal Fin x2 and Gemini Gem x3.

Gastrophetes is the ultimate crossbow stolen from Pallicant, or bought from the Outfitters Shop in Phon Coast (part of Hunt Club sidequest; must give 25 trophies to Atak). The Grand Bolts are the ultimate bolts bought for 15,000 gil from the bazaar after selling Wrath of God x2, Ring Wyrm Liver x2 and Capricorn Gem x3.

Fomalhaut is the ultimate gun found from a random treasure in the Lhusu Mines in the room Antlion is found. It can also be found from Henne Mines Phase 2, Pharos and Cerobi Steppe. The Stone Shot is the ultimate ammo bought for 15,000 gil from the bazaar after selling Mirror Scale x2, Tyrant Bone x2 and Libra Gem x3.

Volcano is the ultimate hand-bomb and reward for the Catoblepas hunt. The Castellanos is the ultimate bomb bought for 12,000 gil from the bazaar after selling Bomb Fragment x3, Frog Oil x2 and Aries Gem x3.

Zodiac versions[]

Vaan striking with Great Trango.

The Zodiac versions introduce some new weapons, some of which surpass the old ultimate weapons.

Great Trango is the new ultimate one-handed sword that is even stronger than the Zodiac Spear and has a very high combo rate. It is a rare steal from Zodiark or a random treasure in Subterra B3F southeast room. Notably, the weapon is invisible.

Kumbha is the new stronger version of Masamune. It is obtained by selling the same items to the bazaar as was needed in the original Final Fantasy XII. Unlike the Masamune, the Kumbha is a one-handed sword, meaning it can be used with a shield.

Tula is the new strongest crossbow. It is obtained in Pharos at Ridorana - Second Ascent.

Seitengrat is the new strongest bow with 224 Attack Power and absurdly high range and 75 evasion. It is by far the strongest weapon, but is only obtained from a random chest in a Skyferry with very low spawn rate (0.01%). Like the Great Trango, the Seitengrat is invisible when equipped. It has no license and thus can be wielded by anyone.

Mithuna is the new strongest gun bought from the bazaar by selling Emperor Scale x2, Earth Crystal x3 and Silver Liquids x3.

Mina is the new strongest dagger that drops from Larva Eater. This weapon is identical in appearance to the Danjuro, which it replaces completely in this version.

Vrscika is the new strongest hammer that has a katana-like combo rate. It can be obtained from the bazaar after selling the same items as needed in Final Fantasy XII for the regular Scorpion Tail.

Kanya is the new strongest pole bought from the bazaar by selling the same items to the bazaar as was needed for the regular Whale Whisker in the original Final Fantasy XII.

Makara is the new strongest hand-bomb, found in Henne Mines Phase 2.

Mesa is the new strongest ninja sword, bought from the bazaar by selling Coeurl Whisker x2, Sickle-Blade x2 and Cancer Gem x3.

Bone of Byblos is the new ultimate mace found in Lhusu Mines - Site 5, and stolen from Yiazmat.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]


The Anastasia can be considered Vaan's ultimate weapon, obtained as part of the storyline after the events in the World of Illusion. It is not initially the strongest available weapon, but its stats are boosted every time the Midlight's Deep dungeon is completed. Eventually, it is possible to boost the Anastasia's stats so high Vaan can take out Yiazmat alone.

Other best weapons for characters are crafted with the help of Recipe Books, but the weapons' stats depend on the items the player uses and the questions they answer when making the weapon. A series of unsellable weapons exist, but they grant no stat boosts and are usually outclassed by customizable weapons. Some have unique attributes that make them occasionally favorable, such as a particular element or a range ability.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Hope's ultimate weapon, Nue.

The upgrading system allows any lesser weapon to be upgraded to the same ultimate weapon on the third tier of power. The ultimate weapon's stats and passive ability depend on the properties of the lesser weapon used as a base. No version of an ultimate weapon is objectively the best due to the differences in stats and abilities they offer.

There are a few traits all ultimate weapons have in common regardless of which weapon they were upgraded from: they all require a Trapezohedron to be upgraded from the tier two weapon, and they all have the ability "ATB: +1" along with any other passive abilities, increasing the character's ATB gauge slots by one. As a penalty, wielding an ultimate weapon drastically decreases target times in battle, making it difficult to get higher battle rankings.

Ultimate weapons have no synthesized abilities. Ultimate weapons have high EXP requirements to level up, all needing more than a million EXP to reach their max level, and many needing more than a million and a half, in contrast to lower-tier weapons, which only need a few hundred thousand EXP to max out.

Below is the ultimate weapon for each character:

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Serah with the Arcus Chronica.

Unlike in Final Fantasy XIII, weapons don't level up; instead there are usually more powerful versions of existing ones with higher bonuses to Strength and Magic and augmented weapon bonus.

Passive Ability Character
Serah Noel
Chain Bonus Lv. 5 Gandiva
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 72, Magic 120
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 120, Magic 72
ATB Speed: +50% Indrajit
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 64, Magic 80
Romulus and Remus
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 80, Magic 64
ATB +1 Sagittarius
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 115, Magic 160
Mac an Luin
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 160, Magic 115
Improved Stagger Arcus Chronica
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 140, Magic 200
In Paradisum
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png 200, Magic 140
Fragment Energy Odinbolt
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png Varies (Strength is equal to percentage of Fragments obtained, plus 40, with an additional bonus of 80 if all Fragments are obtained.), Magic Varies (Magic is equal to percentage of Fragments obtained, plus 40, with an additional bonus of 80 if all Fragments are obtained.)
FFXIII-2 Strength Icon.png Varies (Strength is equal to percentage of Fragments obtained, plus 40, with an additional bonus of 80 if all Fragments are obtained.), Magic Varies (Magic is equal to percentage of Fragments obtained, plus 40, with an additional bonus of 80 if all Fragments are obtained.)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Crimson Blitz transforms into the Ultima Weapon when the player completes the Four Trials in God's Sanctum on the Final Day. It has by far the best stats, but it is only obtained right before the final boss, and it cannot be brought to a New Game Plus playthrough.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Artemis Bow.

Each major release has had its own set of ultimate weapons for each job, which can be upgraded throughout their respective patch cycles to maintain their status as the top weapons for that release. They can be identified by the purple coloration used in their icon to denote their rarity, with purple being exclusive to these weapons, though weaker iterations of the weapons may lack this.

The individual sets of weapons each have their own collectives names and processes to acquire them, which are unlocked after completing the final main scenario quests from their initial release. They then each have unique progession system to upgrade them through various stages. The original release featured Relic Weapons, which were carried over in A Realm Reborn where they can be upgraded to Zodiac Weapons. Heavensward features Anima Weapons, Stormblood features Eureka Weapons, and Shadowbringers features Resistance Weapons. Despite their unique names, Relic Weapon is often used as a catch all term for all such weapons by the playerbase.

A Realm Reborn: Relic/Zodiac Weapons[]

Job Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7


Stage 8


Paladin Curtana/Holy Shield Curtana/Holy Shield Zenith Curtana/Holy Shield Atma Curtana/Holy Shield Animus Curtana/Holy Shield Novus Curtana/Holy Shield Nexus Excalibur/Aegis Shield Excalibur/Aegis Shield Zeta
Warrior Bravura Bravura Zenith Bravura Atma Bravura Animus Bravura Novus Bravura Nexus Ragnarok Ragnarok Zeta
Dragoon Gae Bolg Gae Bolg Zenith Gae Bolg Atma Gae Bolg Animus Gae Bolg Novus Gae Bolg Nexus Longinus Longinus Zeta
Monk Sphairai Sphairai Zenith Sphairai Atma Sphairai Animus Sphairai Novus Sphairai Nexus Kaiser Knuckles Kaiser Knuckles Zeta
Ninja Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu Zenith Yoshimitsu Atma Yoshimitsu Animus Yoshimitsu Novus Yoshimitsu Nexus Sasuke's Blades Sasuke's Blades Zeta
Bard Artemis Bow Artemis Bow Zenith Artemis Bow Atma Artemis Bow Animus Artemis Bow Novus Artemis Bow Nexus Yoichi Bow Yoichi Bow Zeta
Black Mage Stardust Rod Stardust Rod Zenith Stardust Rod Atma Stardust Rod Animus Stardust Rod Novus Stardust Rod Nexus Lilith Rod Lilith Rod Zeta
Summoner The Veil of Wiyu The Veil of Wiyu Zenith The Veil of Wiyu Atma The Veil of Wiyu Animus The Veil of Wiyu Novus The Veil of Wiyu Nexus Apocalypse Apocalypse Zeta
Scholar Omnilex Omnilex Zenith Omnilex Atma Omnilex Animus Omnilex Novus Omnilex Nexus Last Resort Last Resort Zeta
White Mage Thyrus Thyrus Zenith Thyrus Atma Thyrus Animus Thyrus Novus Thyrus Nexus Nirvana Nirvana Zeta

Heavensward: Anima Weapons[]

Job Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3 Stage 4


Stage 5 Stage 6


Stage 7 Stage 8


Dark Knight Animated Deathbringer Awoken Deathbringer Nothung Hyperconductive Nothung Guillotine of the Tyrant Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant Cronus Cronus Lux
Paladin Animated Hauteclaire/Prytwen Awoken Hauteclaire/Prytwen Almace/Ancile Hyperconductive Almace/Ancile Sword/Shield of the Twin Thegns Sharpened Sword/Shield of the Twin Thegns Aettir/Priwen Aettir/Priwen Lux
Warrior Animated Parashu Awoken Parashu Ukonvasara Hyperconductive Ukonvasara Axe of the Blood Emperor Sharpened Axe of the Blood Emperor Minos Minos Lux
Dragoon Animated Brionac Awoken Brionac Rhongomiant Hyperconductive Rhongomiant Trident of the Overlord Sharpened Trident of the Overlord Areadbhar Areadbhar Lux
Monk Animated Rising Suns Awoken Rising Suns Verethragna Hyperconductive Verethragna Sultan's Fists Sharpened Sultan's Fists Nyepels Nyepels Lux
Ninja Animated Yukimitsu Awoken Yukimitsu Kannagi Hyperconductive Kannagi Spurs of the Thorn Prince Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince Sandungs Sandungs Lux
Bard Animated Berimbau Awoken Berimbau Gandiva Hyperconductive Gandiva Bow of the Autarch Sharpened Bow of the Autarch Terpander Terpander Lux
Machinist Animated Ferdinand Awoken Ferdinand Armageddon Hyperconductive Armageddon Flame of the Dynast Sharpened Flame of the Dynast Deathlocke Deathlocke Lux
Black Mage Animated Lunaris Rod Awoken Lunaris Rod Hvergelmr Hyperconductive Hvergelmr Rod of the Black Khan Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan Kaladanda Kaladanda Lux
Summoner Animated Almandal Awoken Almandal Draconomicon Hyperconductive Draconomicon Book of the Mad Queen Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen Mimesis Mimesis Lux
Astrologian Animated Atlas Awoken Atlas Deneb Hyperconductive Deneb Sphere of the Last Heir Sharpened Sphere of the Last Heir Canopus Canopus Lux
Scholar Animated Elements Awoken Elements Tetrabiblos Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos Word of the Magnate Sharpened Word of the Magnate Anabasis Anabasis Lux
White Mage Animated Seraph Cane Awoken Seraph Cane Majestas Hyperconductive Majestas Cane of the White Tsar Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar Sindri Sindri Lux

Stormblood: Eureka Weapons[]

Job Stage 1


Stage 2-4

(Base (+1/+2))

Stage 5


Stage 6-7

(Pagos (+1))

Stage 8-10

(Elemental (+1/+2))

Stage 11


Stage 12-13

(Hydatos (+1))

Stage 14 Stage 15


Stage 16


Dark Knight Antiquated Caladbolg Caladbolg (+1/+2) Caladbolg Anemos Caladbolg Pagos (+1) Elemental Guillotine (+1/+2) Pyros Guillotine Hydatos Guillotine (+1) Xiphias Xiphias Eureka Xiphias Physeos
Paladin Antiquated Galatyn/Evalach Galatyn/Evalach (+1/+2) Galatyn/Evalach Anemos Galatyn/Evalach Pagos (+1) Elemental Sword/Shield (+1/+2) Pyros Sword/Shield Hydatos Sword/Shield (+1) Antea/Bellerophon Antea/Bellerophon Eureka Antea/Bellerophon Physeos
Warrior Antiquated Farsha Farsha (+1/+2) Farsha Anemos Farsha Pagos (+1) Elemental Battleaxe (+1/+2) Pyros Battleaxe Hydatos Battleaxe (+1) Shamash Shamash Eureka Shamash Physeos
Dragoon Antiquated Ryunohige Ryunohige (+1/+2) Ryunohige Anemos Ryunohige Pagos (+1) Elemental Lance (+1/+2) Pyros Lance Hydatos Lance (+1) Daboya Daboya Eureka Daboya Physeos
Monk Antiquated Sudarshana Chakra Sudarshana Chakra (+1/+2) Sudarshana Chakra Anemos Sudarshana Chakra Pagos (+1) Elemental Knuckles (+1/+2) Pyros Knuckles Hydatos Knuckles (+1) Dumuzis Dumuzis Eureka Dumuzis Physeos
Ninja Antiquated Nagi Nagi (+1/+2) Nagi Anemos Nagi Pagos (+1) Elemental Knives (+1/+2) Pyros Knives Hydatos Knives (+1) Kasasagi Kasasagi Eureka Kasasagi Physeos
Samurai Antiquated Kiku-ichimonju Kiku-ichimonji (+1/+2) Kiku-ichimonji Anemos Kiku-ichimonji Pagos (+1) Elemental Blade (+1/+2) Pyros Blade Hydatos Blade (+1) Torigashira Torigashira Eureka Torigashira Physeos
Bard Antiquated Failnaught Failnaught (+1/+2) Failnaught Anemos Failnaught Pagos (+1) Elemental Harp Bow (+1/+2) Pyros Harp Bow Hydatos Harp Bow (+1) Circinae Circinae Eureka Circinae Physeos
Machinist Antiquated Outsider Outsider (+1/+2) Outsider Anemos Outsider Pagos (+1) Elemental Handgonne (+1/+2) Pyros Handgonne Hydatos Handgonne (+1) Mollfrith Mollfrith Eureka Mollfrith Physeos
Black Mage Antiquated Vanargand Vanargand (+1/+2) Vanargand Anemos Vanargand Pagos (+1) Elemental Rod (+1/+2) Pyros Rod Hydatos Rod (+1) Paikea Paikea Eureka Paikea Physeos
Red Mage Antiquated Murgleis Murgleis (+1/+2) Murgleis Anemos Murgleis Pagos (+1) Elemental Tuck (+1/+2) Pyros Tuck Hydatos Tuck (+1) Brunello Brunello Eureka Brunello Physeos
Summoner Antiquated Lemegeton Lemegeton (+1/+2) Lemegeton Anemos Lemegeton Pagos (+1) Elemental Grimoire (+1/+2) Pyros Grimoire Hydatos Grimoire (+1) Tuah Tuah Eureka Tuah Physeos
Astrologian Antiquated Pleiades Pleiades (+1/+2) Pleiades Anemos Pleiades Pagos (+1) Elemental Astrometer (+1/+2) Pyros Astrometer Hydatos Astrometer (+1) Albireo Albireo Eureka Albireo Physeos
Scholar Antiquated Organum Organum (+1/+2) Organum Anemos Organum Pagos (+1) Elemental Codex (+1/+2) Pyros Codex Hydatos Codex (+1) Jebat Jebat Eureka Jebat Physeos
White Mage Antiquated Aymur Aymur (+1/+2) Aymur Anemos Aymur Pagos (+1) Elemental Cane (+1/+2) Pyros Cane Hydatos Cane (+1) Rose Couverte Rose Couverte Eureka Rose Couverte Physeos

Shadowbringers: Resistance Weapons[]

Job Stage 1
Dark Knight Woeborn
Gunbreaker Crownsblade
Paladin Honorbound/Tenacity
Warrior Skullrender
Dragoon Dreizack
Monk Samsara
Ninja Honeshirazu
Samurai Hoshikiri
Bard Brlliance
Dancer Enchufla
Machinist Lawman
Black Mage Soulscourge
Red Mage Talekeeper
Summoner Espiritus
Astrologian Solstice
Scholar Akademos
White Mage Ingrimm

Final Fantasy XV[]

There are numerous weapon types, each of which can be considered to have an ultimate weapon. Noctis can wield every weapon, and the one-handed swords and the royal arms are exclusive to him.

The Ultima Blade was Noctis's strongest weapon in the main game, and the second strongest weapon overall until the Gaze of the Vortex was introduced in patch 1.27. Balmung was previously Noctis's strongest one-handed sword obtained from an optional dungeon in the post-game. The Gaze of the Vortex is the best weapon in the game after patch 1.27, dealing x1.5 damage when airstepping and always dealing critical hits. Ragnarok is a season pass weapon that empowers warp-strikes, making it easily the strongest weapon in almost any situation.

Hyperion was the strongest greatsword for Noctis and Gladiolus in the main game until the addition of Pain of the Vortex in patch 1.27. Other stronger greatswords can be found in the Chapter 15 optional dungeons, including the Apocalypse found in the Balouve Mines maze and Duel Code found in the Daurell Caverns maze. Hyperion, Apocalypse and Duel Code all have unique conditions to boost their power beyond their Attack Power values. Hyperion gains +15% damage per additional enemy within 65 feet radius (max +100%). Apocalypse becomes stronger the less health the wielder has. Duel Code has a +50% damage boost to lone enemies within 65 feet radius. This means which deals the most damage is situational. Pain of the Vortex deals more damage for aerial attacks, but greatswords are ground-based weapons. It always deals critical hits like all "Vortex" weapons, but since greatswords' greatest boon is their strong link-strikes, with Critical: Link Ascension upgrade the other greatswords also rise to the task.

Radiant Lance or Drain Lance III is the strongest spear in the main game for Noctis and Ignis. The Radiant Lance can be purchased at the Meldacio Hunter HQ or at Hammerhead in Chapter 14; it has the highest Strength rating of main-game spears, but is Light-elemental and thus deals weaker damage to non-daemon enemies. The Drain Lance III is obtained by giving Cid Coeurl Whiskers to upgrade the Drain Lance II, which is obtained by using a Rusted Bit to upgrade the Drain Lance, which is itself obtained in Chapter 1; it is non-elemental, and thus deals more damage than the Radiant Lance unless the enemy takes neutral damage or greater from Light attacks. The strongest spear overall is Flayer, found in Steyliff Grove maze.

Ulric's Kukris were the best daggers in the main game for Noctis and Ignis, obtained by returning to the opening area of Insomnia and defeating a level 85 psychomancer. Plumes of the Vortex is the new best daggers added in patch 1.27. The previous best daggers were the Zwill Crossblades, obtained in Chapter 15 from Randolph's quests that have great attack stat and the trait of dealing x1.8 damage when the wielder is at full health. Plumes of the Vortex always deal critical hits and x1.5 damage in aerial combat and can be used alongside royal arms without losing the damage boost.

Abandon of the Vortex, added in patch 1.27, is the strongest gun, dealing boosted damage to vulnerable foes and breaking off enemy appendages with ease (though not as good as Cerberus), always dealing critical hits. The previous best gun was Death Penalty that also has a small chance to inflict instant death.

Shields are used as weapons. The best shield in the main game is Black Prince, bought from Meldacio Hunter HQ and in Chapter 14. Even if the Power Shield has one point more Attack power, it doesn't have nearly as good stat boosts as the Black Prince. The best shield overall is the Ziedrich, obtained in Chapter 15 from Randolph's quests.

The best machinery weapons are obtained by upgrading them with Cid Sophiar, the best being Drillbreaker Plus.

The royal arms are special weapons that drain Noctis's health when used as normal weapons and are used at once during Armiger. Equipping them bestows both status boosts and penalties, and thus their usefulness tends to be situational.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Omnilex.

The ultimate weapon in each weapon category is obtained exclusively in the PlayStation Portable Multiplayer modes, only a few able to be obtained during normal gameplay. Each weapon's ultimate weapon is listed below.

In the mobile version, the extra items introduced in the PSP version obtained from the Melee and Rendezvous are unlocked after beating the game. After the credits have finished rolling, the game will auto-save, and the PSP items will appear in the Poachers' Den.

Weapon Type Obtain
Golden Axe Axe Find: Melee, Rendezvous
Fallingstar Bag Bag Poach: Wild Boar
Find: Rendezvous
Omnilex Book Poach: Greater Malboro
Find: Rendezvous
Catch: Level 95+ Ninja
Sagittarius Bow Bow Find: Rendezvous
Wyrmweave Silk Cloth Poach: Tiamat
Find: Rendezvous
Gastrophetes Crossbow Buy: Various Outfitters (during Chapter 4) - 20,000 gil
Find: Battle of Fort Besselat
Rare Treasure: Limberry Castle Undercroft
Valhalla Fell Sword Find: Rendezvous
Vesper Flail Find: Melee
Blaster Gun Steal: Various units
Find: Rendezvous
Fairie Harp Instrument Poach: Treant
Find: Rendezvous
Chirijiraden Katana Find: Midlight's Deep
Find: Rendezvous
Catch: Level 96+ Ninja
Zwill Straightblade Knife Poach: Plague Horror
Find: Melee
Catch: Level 95+ Ninja
Chaos Blade Knight's Sword Treasure: Midlight's Deep
Find: Rendezvous
Catch: Level 98-99 Ninja
Moonsilk Blade Ninja Blade Find: Melee
Whale Whisker Pole Poach: Tiamat
Find: Melee
Catch: Level 96+ Ninja
Crown Sceptre Rod Find: Rendezvous
Javelin "II" Polearm Catch: Level 97+ Ninja
Staff of the Magi Stave Treasure: Midlight's Deep
Onion Sword Sword Find: Melee

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The ultimate weapon for each character is obtained during the third playthrough by defeating True Gilgamesh. They all have attack power in the sixties or seventies.

Each character's ultimate weapon is listed below:

The "second best" weapons are the ultimate weapons in second playthrough as True Gilgamesh cannot be fought yet, but the Finis difficulty level is available. They cost 60,000 gil and become available in the Akademeia Armory shop after completing a specific mission in Finis difficulty. In the PSP version, they could also be unlocked by exchanging for 10 tickets on the Square Enix Members site. They have high attack power, not far behind the "true" ultimate weapons.

In first playthrough, the best weapons the player can get become available in the SPP Post after landing 300 Killsight strikes with a character. These weapons also provide double EXP.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

The statistically strongest weapon obtained by Benjamin is the Excalibur, with an attack power of 125 and a Speed boost of 5. The strongest weapons of the other weapon types remain useful depending on the enemy: the Giant's Axe and Mega Grenade do increased damage against specific enemies, with the Mega Grenade also hitting all enemies in battle; and the Dragon Claw can inflict a variety of ailments upon hitting, including Petrify and Fatal for a one-hit defeat.

Vagrant Story[]

The Holy Win.

While most ultimate weapons are gained through forging them at workshops, certain categories will have a few variants of their ultimate weapon, these variants gained through only defeating various enemies bearing the weapon, and boasting stats that are up to the player to decide which is best for them. The kind of material the weapon is made of plays a great part, with Damascus weapons bearing the strongest properties.

The Jamadhar is the ultimate dagger-type weapon, gained by forging two Stilettos.

The Wakazashi is the ultimate forged sword-type weapon, gained through combining two Kophesh blades. The Rhomphaia is the ultimate dropped sword, dropped in Hagane, Silver, and Damascus variations by Dark Crusaders in the Iron Maiden dungeon.

The Rune Sword is the ultimate forged greatsword-type weapon, gained through combining two Nodachi blades. The Holy Win is the ultimate dropped greatsword, dropped by the Last Crusader in the Iron Maiden dungeon.

The War Maul is the ultimate mace-type weapon, gained through combining two Bec de Corbin blades, while the Crescent is the ultimate Axe-type weapon, gained through combining two Bullova blades.

The Halberd is the ultimate axe-type weapon, gained through combining two Double Blades.

The Destroyer is the ultimate forged great mace-type weapon, made through combining two Griever blades, while the Hand of Light is the ultimate dropped great mace, dropped by Minotaurs in Bronze, Iron, and Hagane variations throughout certain rooms in Lea Monde late in the game. The Hand of Light is the only weapon whose material cannot possibly achieve Damascus status due its size value, which overrides any weapon's material attributes in the forging process lower than its own, thus making it virtually impossible without the use of a cheat device.

The Brandestoc is the ultimate polearm-type weapon, gained through combining two Bardysh blades.

The Arbalest is the ultimate bow-type weapon, gained through combining two Siege Bow blades.

The Sage Cane is the ultimate staff-type weapon, gained through combining two Bishop's Crosier blades.

The ultimate material, Damascus, can only be gained through combining weapons with Holy Win or Rhomphaia dropped from the Iron Maiden, carefully crafting weapons made from the material into its ultimate weapon form, or carefully crafting various weapons from lesser materials and certain categories into Damascus, with the exception of the Hand of Light. The material provides an excellent Damage Points pool, the highest stat boosts to any equipment, and a high and even Affinity rating to all enemy types, at the tradeoff of a low Phantom Points pool.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

The XCalibr is Sumo's strongest weapon. It has an attack power of 85 and cannot be sold. It is automatically obtained near the end of the final dungeon, making that location the only place it can be used.

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

The most powerful weapon is Glass. This extremely powerful sword breaks after every use in the Japanese version. For North American version, the sword was given 50 uses before it would break. It can be found in the Tower on the 21st floor.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

FFLII Katana In-battle Sprite.png

The ultimate weapon is called Seven and it has a sword icon before its name. The sword has 7 use and also increases a Robot's HP by 144. The damage formula is the user's Str x15. The user will attack up to 7 times, depending on Agl against one group.

It drops from Haniwa (rare) located in the Central Shrine. Haniwa appears rarely and randomly in lowest area of the shrine. Haniwa functions as a superboss similar to Warmech from the original Final Fantasy, in that it appears rarely and randomly in a certain area, which happens to be the final area. It's a very dangerous enemy, but is arguably not as powerful as the final boss. It has a chance of dropping the sword, which Haniwa will occasionally use against the party during battle, and it will deal damage in the high thousands.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

There are four swords known as "Mystic Swords": Durend, Xcalibr, Masmune, and Emperor. They can be found across Pureland and deal double damage against certain bosses and undead enemies. They can harm even enemies who are strong against physical damage.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Each character has an exclusive level 100 weapon, with the exception of Cecil, who has two. While these weapons are given the "exclusive" classification, they are based on other weapon types in terms of offered stats, such as Firion's weapons giving a penalty to Defense in the manner of spears. The level 100 weapons thus have stats equal to or surpassing the other strongest weapons in their category. They also bear additional stat boosts and a support ability that increases the likelihood of critical hits in different circumstances. As allusions to the character's home title, the level 100 weapons are often named after their strongest weapon in their original game, or refer to them in some way, such as Kefka's weapon being named Dancing Mad after his final boss theme.

These level 100 weapons can only be traded for in the shop in a three-stage series of exchanges. Each character has three exclusive weapons, the other two approximately level 50 and level 90. Acquiring the level 100 weapon involves trading the level 90 weapon and other trade items, and getting the level 90 weapon needs the level 50 weapon. The level 50 weapons can be traded for with a variety of generic equipment. A handful also demand unique level 1 weapons exclusive to their character, such as Cloud's Buster Sword.

The Ultimate Weapon also exists as a special level 99 weapon. The only equipment piece able to be equipped by all characters, the Ultima Weapon has +69 ATK, the highest in the game outside the exclusive weapons and the level 100 axes, and has a unique effect that grants the user +2 to ATK, DEF, and LUK when they are at full HP. This effective boost of +71 ATK is the highest of any weapon.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Each character once again has three exclusive weapons that must be traded for in sequence, from level 30 to level 90, to level 100. Some characters also have level 1 exclusive weapons needed for their level 30 weapons. Lightning and Cecil have two level 100 weapons. The individual stats of returning weapons are rebalanced.

The Ultima Weapon also returns as a level 100 weapon and +68 ATK. It bears the same effects as before, but other weapons have innately higher ATK boosts with other stat modifiers, so its power is comparatively less than the original game.