Template:IncompleteTable Template:FFIV:TAY Enemies Ultima Weapon is a boss from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is in the Depths of the True Moon. It is derived from the Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy VI.

Ultima Weapon attacks with Crush, which can instantly kill a character, Laser Barrage, which does minor damage to the party, plus Flare and Bio, which do heavy damage. When its HP falls to a certain point, Ultima Weapon will also take a turn to cast Haste, Shell, and Protect on itself. On its next turn the player will get a warning that Ultima Weapon is charging up a Meteor spell. The turn after, Ultima Weapon uses Meteor to do massive damage to the party.

After Meteor is cast, Ultima Weapon changes its attack patterns. It will use Tornado to inflict critical status on a party member, Magic Buster, which damages a character's MP, and Laser, which is virtually an instant kill. It will also use physical attacks during both phases, which do high damage.

When defeated, it drops the sword, Ultima Weapon.


It is not recommended to face the Ultima Weapon until the party is at least between Level 60 and 70, with above average equipment. A Black Mage should wear the Rapid Ring V2 to lower their casting time, while a White Mage should equip the Twin Stars to halve their MP usage. Begin the battle by casting Slow or using a Spider's Silk on the Ultima Weapon. During the fight, a White Mage should use Arise whenever a character is hit with Crush, otherwise they should cast Curaga or Curaja nearly every turn. Should the White Mage fall, have someone quickly revive them using a Phoenix Down or Raise. Abilities such as Heal Pill Ninjutsu is a good course of action to speed up the healing a little.

Physical fighters should use abilities such as Jump or attack with weapons like Excalibur or Ragnarok. It is also effective to use Bands that can potentially break the damage cap of 9,999, such as Sky Grinder. A Black Mage's best spell to use on the Ultima Weapon is Flare with the Limit Ring. Meteor is also good, but it will take longer to cast. When Ultima Weapon strikes with Meteor, fallen party members should be revived and promptly healed. After his attack pattern changes, a White Mage must then heal twice as often, as he uses attacks like Tornado.

Characters must also be prepared with items like Dry Ethers to restore their MP, especially after being hit with Magic Buster. If the player has Porom in their party with Dualcast, she will be a better alternative to a character like Rosa, as she can use two White Magic spells in one turn. This will make healing more efficient.

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