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Normal: "A mighty fiend of legend, wielding greater magic than ever. This terror teaches all who approach the true meaning of "Ultima." Whatever you do, don't call it Atma."
Oversoul: "Even more powerful in its oversouled form. It can no longer think independently or vary its attacks in response to its opponent."


Ultima Weapon is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It is an extremely powerful enemy to deal with, as it can hit the party extremely hard with its Judgment and Punishment. In Oversoul, it becomes even more difficult to defeat due to it having access to Meteor. It is advised to cast Protect and Shell at the start of the battle to reduce the damage done, and then hit it with strong physical attacks or attacks such as Black Sky to defeat it. It has the Blue Bullet Supernova, which the party will want to learn.


The Scan description is a reference to Ultima Buster from Final Fantasy VI, which was originally named "Atma".

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