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Ultima Weapon is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2, found in the Ruin Depths and Floors 47-49 of the Via Infinito.





Ultima Weapon is a powerful enemy, hitting hard with Judgment and Punishment. Ultima Weapon's attacks are formidable at low levels and its damage nullification ability Mighty Guard-G can make it immune to most physical and magical attacks; only specific attacks can penetrate it, such as Spare Change, Slots, Darkness, or certain captured creatures' abilities, like the Balivarha's Skewer and Nooj's Lightfall (Ultima Weapon has high resistance to Eject and Zantetsu), and this can force a party to flee if the appropriate dresspheres are not equipped.

Ultima Weapon has the Blue Bullet Supernova. The triggering of Supernova is not random; it occurs when its action count is at 30 or above, with its other attacks adding to the count, and being randomly chosen. Normal attacks increase the count by five, all other actions by two. Its normal (physical) attacks in normal (non-Oversoul) mode inflict Poison status.

Attack sequence:

  • 1/3 probability of Normal Attack
  • 1/7 probability of Judgment
  • 1/7 probability of Punishment
  • 1/7 probability of Meteor
  • 1/7 probability of Break
  • 1/16 probability of Mighty Guard G
  • 1/32 probability of White Highwind

As its Oversoul scan description indicates, Ultima Weapon's power in Oversoul comes largely from increased stats, notably Magic Defense and HP, and its range of special abilities is reduced. It loses Supernova, Mighty Guard-G, White Highwind, Break and Meteor, and the Poison component of its normal (physical) attacks, leaving only Judgement and Punishment. It gains Dispel and Osmose in Oversoul.

Ultima Weapon's Oversoul attack pattern is mostly reactive, retaliating with attacks identical to those used on it, if attacks are one of a fairly short list (Holy, Supernova, Arcana other than Black Sky, Black Magic, and some White Magic spells), or with physical attacks for attacks not on the list. If its counterattack is reflected back to it, it will retaliate with a further physical attack.


Protect and Shell are advisable for damage reduction.

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Creature Creator[]

Fiend Arena[]

Ultima Weapon joins the party when the player completes the storyline of Monolith. Completing its storyline unlocks the Fiend portal, and winning that cup gives the player a choice to either re-recruit Ultima Weapon or recruit Omega Weapon and transform the Fiend portal into the Fiend World Cup; choosing the latter is recommended.

Sphere Break[]

Ultima Weapon Coin
Silver Ultima Weapon Coin
Gold Ultima Weapon Coin
Coin No. 44 Coin Value 9
Trait Quota x2
Location Found in the Central Expanse of the Bikanel Desert.



  • The Scan description is a reference to Ultima Buster from Final Fantasy VI, which was originally named "Atma".
  • Final Fantasy X-2 is the first Final Fantasy game with both Ultima and Omega Weapons in which Ultima Weapon is the stronger of the two.
    • This is reversed with the recruitable versions of Ultima and Omega Weapons, though, as when both are recruited into the player's party, Omega Weapon will have higher stats than Ultima Weapon, assuming both are at the same levels (before dressphere, Garment Grid, accessories, and stat increases).


Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, the spell Ultima's name is written as "Artema", a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.

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