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Sword whose attack power is bound to its wielder's HP.


The Ultima Weapon is one of the strongest swords in Final Fantasy VI. The weapon is unique in that it calculates damage differently from most weapons: the damage is based on the level of the character equipped with it and their current HP compared to their max HP. When HP is high, the Ultima Weapon deals a large amount of damage. When HP is low, it deals a small amount of damage. The weapon ignores the target's defense when calculating damage. The weapon can be equipped by Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Celes.

The sprite used for the Ultima Weapon in battle is a glowing blue sword of varying length. The higher the damage dealt is, the longer the sword. At its max power, the blade is longer than the user, and leaves an afterimage effect when swung.

The Ultima Weapon was created during the War of the Magi as a magical weapon said to reflect the power of its wielder. It is said to have been created around the same time as the magical beast that shares its name.


The Ultima Weapon is found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Another Ultima Weapon can be stolen from Rest during the final battle (in the Advance and 2014 versions, it can be stolen multiple times by repeating the fight).


The damage for Ultima Weapon is calculated as follows:

Random Variance

where Strength refers to the user's Strength stat. The weapon ignores target's Defense.

The length of Ultima Weapon is determined by its potential damage:

  • 0–500 shortest
  • 501–1000 medium
  • 1001–9999 longest

Ultima Weapon is incompatible with Bushido, Runic, the Gauntlet, and it cannot be thrown. In most versions, the weapon is ignored by the Optimize option in the equipment menu.

Ultima Weapon is one of the weapons affected by the Capture glitch and is the only means of dealing damage to petrified allies.


Ultima Weapon is an extremely powerful weapon that, when a character has high HP and Strength, can easily reach 9999 damage consistently. Because it does so ignoring Defense, it can be used against any enemy. This makes it the most powerful physical damage weapon in the game at maximum potential. However, the user must stay at high HP for the weapon to be at its fullest potential, meaning the weapon is not compatible with Desperation Attacks, and the player should keep the user cured.

When first acquired, the weapon is not significantly stronger than other weapons the player will possess at the time, except against enemies with a high Defense. The weapon can be improved by boosting a party member's Strength and HP with magicite. Strength should be prioritized as the player should aim to get a party member's strength to 128 or close (as over 128 is the same as having a 255 Strength), while HP will typically improve even without a magicite boost, and at later levels, only one or two level ups with a magicite that improves magicite will be needed to reach 9999.

When a party member can consistently reach 9999 damage or close with Ultima Weapon, the party member should use Ultima Weapon with Master's Scroll (before this, it is best with Fixed Dice). This will allow them to deal four hits of 9999 damage in one turn. If a party member is lucky enough to obtain two Ultima Weapons, they can deal eight hits of 9999 damage in one turn, the most potential damage in one turn in the game. Combining this with Quick can double this further, making the weapon devastating against the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon superbosses.

Of the four party members who can equip it, Ultima Weapon is best given to Locke, with Terra second-best, Edgar third-best, and Celes fourth-best. Locke is best because he will naturally be built toward high Strength, and physical damage is his primary source of offense. Terra is second-best due to Trance doubling her damage, meaning she can most easily reach 9999 damage with the weapon before another party member, but typically, she is built toward improving her Magic stat before Strength. Edgar is third-best because he is also built toward physical damage, but has access to other sources of damage, including Tools and using the Jump command with his spears. While building Celes to physical damage is viable, Ultima Weapon disables her Runic command, and she is most often built to Magic instead. Other party members must use Merit Award to use Ultima Weapon.



Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, the spell Ultima's name is written as "Artema", a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.