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My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled... I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures of flesh... Your time is nigh!

Ultima Weapon (Advance)

Ultima Weapon, also known as Atma Weapon, is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is the strongest boss in the World of Balance and guards the Warring Triad at the summit of the Floating Continent. It was created 1000 years ago during the War of the Magi and was bred for mass destruction.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Uses Flare, Quake, and Blaze. Is Wounded once MP reach 0. Attack with Rasp and Osmose to lower its MP. Also try to steal its Ribbon relic that removes all status changes.

Bestiary entry (PS)

Ultima Weapon attacks in three stages. During the first stage it uses physical attacks and casts Flare and Blaze. Once Ultima Weapon reaches 12,800 HP, it starts out its next stage by casting Quake, Bio, or Meteor. Its next move is either a physical attack or its special attack, Full Power, which deals heavy damage to one target.

Following this it casts Fira on the entire party. Afterward it uses Mind Blast, which chooses four random party members (meaning the same party member may get targeted twice) and inflicts a random status ailment on each. It then bestows itself Protect, Shell, and Haste and begins charging energy for its ultimate attack, Flare Star.

Flare Star deals unblockable, defense-ignoring Fire-elemental damage to all party members equal to eighty times a random party member's level divided by the number of party members. After Flare Star, the pattern repeats with Quake/Bio/Meteor.

Ultima Weapon is immune to status ailments, except for Slow, which can buy valuable time for healing and/or attacking. When it prepares Mind Blast, it grants itself Haste, which will negate the Slow status.

Once Ultima Weapon drops below 6,144 HP, it enters its third phase, in which it uses its physical attack, Tornado, Graviga, Rasp, and Blaze. It also has a 1/3 chance of countering any attack with Flare. This pattern repeats until Ultima Weapon is killed.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended to equip Gaia Gears so Quake heals the party. Edgar and Cyan cannot equip Gaia Gear, so the player should leave them behind on the Blackjack; conversely, Locke should be considered, as he can steal a rare Ribbon. Mage-type characters, like Terra and Celes, are good, and Mog should Dance the Earth Blues, as it has strong attacks and can heal the party with Sun Bath. Physical characters should use their best attacks—Sabin should use Blitzes, Cyan use Bushido, Shadow can throw weapons, and Edgar can use the Chainsaw.

Since the Ultima Weapon only uses its more dangerous attacks in the later stages the player may take a few turns to cast buffing spells like Haste and Shell while Ultima Weapon is still using its weaker attacks. Summoning espers to strengthen the party can help, particularly Zona Seeker, since most of Ultima Weapon's attacks are magical.

In its third battle phase, Tornado and Graviga greatly diminish the party's health, so the player should heal immediately after as Ultima may use Blaze and wipe out the party.

A convenient strategy is to use Rasp and Osmose to deplete Ultima Weapon's MP, as it will die when its MP reaches 0. Although this can take a long time, it leaves the beast's HP at its maximum value, and thus the party does not need to worry about the more dangerous attacks it uses when low on HP. It may be useful to equip Reflect Rings to everyone to reflect Ultima Weapon's Flare attacks, leaving only its normal attacks and Blaze to contend with.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Normal Back Surrounded Side
450 Ultima Weapon Y N N N Sides, individual Battle to the Death 10
Hide start messages.

AI script Edit

Start of Battle

Declare Count = 1

Declare Phase = 1

Declare Cut = 0

Declare Var36 = 0

If (Phase == 1) Then
If (Count == 1) Then
2/3 Chance

Use Attack on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Flare on random opponent

Count = 2

Else If (Count == 2) Then
1/3 Chance

Use Flare on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Attack on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Blaze on random opponent

Count = 1

Else If (Phase == 2) Then
If (Count == 1) Then
1/3 Chance

Use Bio on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Quake on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Meteor on random opponent

Count = 2

Else If (Count == 2) Then
2/3 Chance

Use Full Power on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Attack on random opponent

Count = 3

Else If (Count == 3) Then

Use Fira on all opponents

Count = 4

Else If (Count == 4) Then

Use Mind Blast on four random opponents

Var36 = 1

Count = 5

Else If (Count == 5) Then

Display Message "Focusing energy."

Place Shell, Protect, Haste on Self

Animate Flash

Count = 6

Else If (Count == 6) Then

Animate Flash

Count = 7

Else If (Count == 7) Then

Animate Flash

Use Flare Star on all opponents

Var36 = 0

Count = 1

Else If (Phase == 3) Then
If (Count == 1) Then
2/3 Chance

Use Graviga on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Attack on random opponent

Count = 2

Else If (Count == 2) Then
1/3 Chance

Use Rasp on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Tornado on random opponent

1/3 Chance

Use Blaze on random opponent

Count = 1

Counter - if attacked
If (Var36 == 0) AND (Self HP <= 6144) AND (1/3 Chance) Then

Use Flare on last attacker

If (Self HP <= 12800) AND (Cut == 0) Then

Phase = 2

Count = 1

Cut = 1

If (Self HP <= 6144) AND (Cut <= 1) Then

Phase = 3

Count = 1

Cut = 2

Musical themes Edit

The music that plays is "Battle to the Death". This is the first time the theme is used, and is reserved for particularly powerful boss-type enemies.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIV Fractal Continuum (Hard) 04

The Ultima Beast in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Ultima Weapon appears in The Fractal Continuum (Hard) as "The Ultima Beast", the dungeon's final boss. Its appearance is based on the Final Fantasy VI version of the Ultima Weapon, although it has fewer details on the tail, but the machinery on the back are the same. The Ultima Beast uses attacks that Ultima Weapon used in its original appearance, such as Flare Star, Flare, and Gravity. In addition, the Demi-Ultima ability is based on the Final Fantasy VI animation of Ultima.

The Fractal Continuum (Hard)'s lore is about the creation of the Ultima Weapon from A Realm Reborn (which is based on the Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Weapon boss) and the bosses in the dungeon are lesser versions of the actual Ultima Weapon, with the Ultima Beast being referred to as "Ultima Prototype VI". The dungeon is located on Azys Lla, based on the Final Fantasy VI Floating Continent where Ultima Weapon is fought.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Ultima Weapon FFVI

Ultima Weapon is an enemy.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Ultima Weapon FFVI Sprite
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, it is written as "Artema," a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.

Atma or Atman, in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions is a word that means self. It is the word that Buddhist monks use to refer to themselves as the first-person singular.

Trivia Edit

  • On the Floating Continent, Shadow can receive permanent status effect(s), like Poison or Invisible. Once Ultima Weapon is defeated, Shadow leaves the party, and the player cannot heal his status effect(s). If the player waits for Shadow on the Floating Continent, he will still have those status effects applied to him when the player faces him in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum.
Bahamut Lagoon - Saint Weapon

Saint Weapon in Bahamut Lagoon.

  • The sprite shared between Ultima Weapon, Ultima Buster, and Omega Weapon was used and modified for some of the Icedrake-class dragons in Bahamut Lagoon, namely the Saint Weapon and Black Buster.
  • Early design documents propose that Ultima Weapon would haunt and be refought in Darill's Tomb.[1]

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