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Hythlodaeus: So it was that the brave wayfarers arrived at last at dream's end.
Emet-Selch: In following their path walked and history written, I am made keenly aware of one truth... Though the curtains may fall again and again, so long as others take the stage, ever shall there be more tales to tell.
Hythlodaeus: So let them bring it to a close, I say.
Emet-Selch: Let the curtains fall upon this— The final chapter in the tale of the star.
Hythlodaeus and Emet-Selch introducing Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and the final zone visited in the expansion story. Located at the farthest edge of the universe, it is a domain of pure dynamis, where emotions dictate reality, from being able to see and breathe to moving one place to the next.


The familiar Meteion and her sisters, after their shared consciousness succumbed to the despair of countless civilizations, came to the belief that existence is a mistake, and resolved to usher in the end of life on Etheirys through a song of oblivion carried on dynamis. To prepare, they fled to the farthest edge of the great expanse to build a nest of pure dynamis harvested from the despair of the stars they visited. As the Meteion on Etheirys made her escape, the ancient Venat managed to place a tracking spell on her to chart her passage through the stars.

Over 12,000 years later, the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn bested Hydaelyn, and from her obtained the crystal with the data from the tracking spell. With the aid of the Loporrits they determined the nest's location, dubbed "Ultima Thule", and prepared the ark created by the Sharlayan Forum, christened the Ragnarok, for a journey to the nest.

Using the Mothercrystal as fuel, they reached their destination but immediately encountered one of the Meteia, who attempted to use dynamis to snuff out the aether of their life. The Warrior fell unconscious as they saw Thancred Waters make a stand against the familiar. Waking up with the Scions and accompanying Loporrit crew, they found Thancred missing, but the Ragnarok had safely landed, with the surrounding area possessing of all the qualities necessary to support life.

The remaining Scions disembarked to track down the true Meteion and locate Thancred.

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Ultima Thule contains three aetherytes:

  • Reah Tahra
  • Abode of the Ea
  • Base Omicron


  • Ostrakon Deka-Okto - A recreation of the 18th civillization encountered by the Meteia. Midgardsormr's kin that remained behind on the Dragonstar suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of their alien oppressors, who forsook their ruined star upon victory, leaving the dragons with naught but anguish and shame.
  • Ostrakon Tria - A recreation of the 3rd civillization encountered by the Meteia. The Ea were a race who pursued infinity through knowledge and science, unlocking the secrets of immortality to escape the grasp of death. However, the truth of the inevitable doom of the universe proved too much to bear, and both their knowledge and immortality became monuments to futility.
    • The Wellspring of Regret
    • Hollow of the Flesh
    • The Tube - A reactivated transportation device created by the Ea long ago. It houses the Portal of Wisdom, which connects to the Clouded Portal.
  • Ostrakon Deka-Hexi - A recreation of the 16th civillization encountered by the Meteia. The Omicrons of the Alphatron Star once wore weak and frail bodies. In order to contend with the stronger races that persecuted them, they took to augmenting their flesh, before forsaking them altogether for superior mechanical ones. In so doing, they found purpose in evolution through contending with dangerous foes, but when they reached the peak, became stronger than anything they had faced, they lost their goal to strive forward for.
    • Clouded Portal - An Omicron portal that connects to the Tube.
    • Fallow and Empty Portals - A pair of Omicron portals linked to each other.
    • Lambent and Unmemoried Portals - A pair of portals connecting Base Omicron to the path to Ostrakon Hena.
  • Ostrakon Hena - A recreation of the 1st civillization encountered by the Meteia, or what was left of it, for this and many other stars were already dead husks when Meteion arrived.


Reah Tahra[]

A recreation of a dwelling of dragons that had remained on the Dragonstar following the war with Omicrons. Unlike the shades that prowl the surrounds in madness, these dragons have lost the will to do anything.

Abode of the Ea[]

A recreation of a "village" of the Ea, a species that were able to forsake flesh to exist as immortal aetherial entities. The name has long been lost due to the inhabitants losing interest in such things. It consists of rock formations with crystalline bulbs, which serve as "dwellings" for the Ea.

Base Omicron[]

A recreation of an Omicron war camp, whose inhabitants carry out specified duties while awaiting new orders that will never arrive.


Ultima Thule may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency or conditions
Fair Skies Fair Skies 70%
Umbral Wind Umbral Wind 15%
Astromagnetic Storm Astromagnetic Storm 15%

Places of interest[]

The Ragnarok[]

The starship originally created by the Sharlayans to serve as an ark for their exodus to the silver moon. With the aid of both the Loporrits and the Garland Ironworks, it has been significantly improved and now serves the purpose of ferrying the champions of Etheirys to deliver them from doom.

The Vitrified Fort[]

An abandoned fort left by the mechanical invaders of the Dragonstar.

Ahm Nohl[]

The remains of a nesting ground, the spoiled land giving rise to malformed abominations when any eggs manage to hatch.


What amounts to a graveyard for the Ea, a place where they wrote down their final epitaphs before extinguishing the spark of their lives. Many others did not deign to leave such writings.


The main body of one of the six strategical command matrices that oversaw the function of the Omicrons.

The Tree of Life[]

The sole organic lifeform present in Deka-Hexi, taken from its homeworld as a token of conquest. It has somehow managed to survive in its environment despite all odds.

The Lost Hydraulic[]

A platform floating in the void disconnected from the rest of Ostrakon Deka-Hexi.

The Nekropolis[]

The ruined buildings of a dead civillzation. The structures are whole but hauntingly empty - as if all life had come to an abrupt end.

The Last Dregs[]

A cafe set-up in the Nekropolis by Loporrit Jammingway alongside Omicron N-7000 and Stigma-4 in an effort to recover data of the lost civillizations encountered by Meteion.

Absolute Horizon[]

The closest point to Meteion's nest, it was orignally a barren rock, but the power of hope influenced the blooming of radiant Elpis flowers.

The Dead Ends[]

Meteion's nest, a dead sun within which lies the memories and despair of countless dead stars.

The Final Day[]

This region exists within the depths of the Dead Ends and serves as the location in which the Endsinger is confronted. It resembles the vast void between the stars.

Beyond the Stars[]

This location exists at the core of Meteion's nest and serves as the arena for the final battle between Zenos Galvus and the Warrior of Light. It resembles a vast sea under a starry sky.



The Dead Ends.

The Dead Ends The Dead Ends
Level 90
Item Level 540
Absolute Horizon (x21 y21)

Here, at the edge of the universe, await as many stories as there are stars in its sea. Of rises and falls, of beginnings and ends...of a little bird who left home with hope, yet nested in sorrow. Hearken unto these tales to be told...
The Stigma Dreamscape.

The Stigma Dreamscape The Stigma Dreamscape
Level 90
Item Level 540
Ostrakon Deka-Hexi (x34 y28)

For the first time since the fall of its civilization, the warmongering Stigma-4 is awake, its unbeating heart set on conquering a distant star─yours. Omicron N-7000 believes that the most effective means of deterrence is to convince its subconscious circuits of how poorly it would fare against Hydaelyn's champion, and has opened a path to allow you to implant a pseudo-memory of just such a contest. Thus does it fall to you to answer the question─of what do matrices dream?
The Final Day.

The Final Day The Final Day
Level 90
Item Level 540
The Final Day via Absolute Horizon (x21 y21) during Endwalker Endwalker

Meteion and her sisters took to the stars in search of hope; they found naught but despair. Wishing to free mankind from his vain struggle, they began to sing, their chorus borne upon the invisible winds of dynamis to usher in the Final Days.

Against all odds, you have arrived at their nest at the edge of the universe. In this place, where emotions dictate reality, the hopes of your comrades have opened the way forward, and it falls to you to take the last step. Transforming conviction into strength, you sally forth upon dragonback to confront the Endsinger and silence her song of oblivion.


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Item FATE. Omicron Recall: Comms Expansion 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Hexi (x29 y25) 15 minutes Deliver scrap material to N-6205
Omicron N-6205 seeks to recover data from an earlier model known as Chi. Establishing a connection, however, will require the collection─or creation─of copious scrap material with which to augment its transceiver.
Defense FATE. Omicron Recall: Secure Connection 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Hexi (x33 y26) 15 minutes Defend N-6205
Transceiver successfully augmented, N-6205 now moves to establish a connection with the Chi unit. It requires time, however─time uninterrupted by the overflow units operating on a contradictory protocol.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Sound and Fury 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Okto (x10 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the maddened dragons
Sorrow begets anger. Anger begets violence. Even amongst brothers does this cycle of loss perpetuate itself, unto the end of time...or such time as a more powerful foe arrives to end their suffering once and for all.
Battle FATE. (No) Wind beneath Our Wings 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Okto (x16 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the maddened wyverns
Without the wind to guide them, the younger wyverns and their symbiotic kin have lost their way─existentially speaking─and live for naught but the fleeting rush of violence. The only solution is, naturally, more violence.
Boss FATE. Wings of Glory 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Okto (x12 y35) 15 minutes Defeat Ahl Ein
Though past his prime now, Ahl Ein nevertheless wishes to relive those glory days through combat with a skilled opponent. He and his kin have long awaited a worthy challenger capable of bringing his memories to life.
Defense FATE. Only Just Begun 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Okto (x8 y18) 15 minutes Defend the the dragonets
Though their elder kin would not see them live to experience suffering, the few dragonets that remain unmarred by mechanical malevolence take a rather different view on their own premature demise, and beg assistance in staving it off.
Boss FATE. Far from the Maddening Horde 89-90 Ostrakon Deka-Okto (x20 y35) 15 minutes Defeat Than Oskh
Though Than Oskh may not be the most tragic figure cast to bitter winds in the wake of war against the machines, he is one of the most fearsome. If his senses cannot be restored, he must be stopped─ere he guides his horde to crush what few signs of life yet linger in their forsaken home.
Battle FATE. Dead Inside 89-90 Ostrakon Tria (x17 y11) 15 minutes Defeat the deranged Ea
Overcome by melancholy at the thought of how little justice exists in the universe, a collective of Ea has elected to part ways with conscience entirely, and now drifts uncaringly from misdeed to misdeed. Where right and wrong hold no meaning, however, carrot and stick will do...
Battle FATE. Beacons of Lost Hope 89-90 Ostrakon Tria (x30 y7) 15 minutes Defeat the luminions
Luminions who failed to regain their corporeal forms and have subsequently come to regret their choices now roam Ultima Thule, and must be prevented from finding─or creating─company for their misery.
Battle FATE. Fallen from Grace 89-90 Ostrakon Tria (x20 y7) 15 minutes Defeat the Ea
Several consciousnesses that have tried and failed to regain a suitable corporeal form are showing remarkable persistence in becoming their best selves─regardless of whose self is currently ensconced in their flesh of choice.
Battle FATE. Staring into the Void 89-90 Ostrakon Tria (x27 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the other ones
Fiends of unknown origin and sinister nature have arrived upon this plane, calling darkness down upon all who have the misfortune to meet their eyes─those soulless, hollow eyes...
Boss FATE. Nevermore 89-90 Ostrakon Tria (x27 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Poe
From some shadowed corner of the universe hails Poe, an elegant creature that has lured many a victim into the lightless cask of their undoing. Like all great horrors, it is best put to rest before it can be fully understood.
Defense FATE. Omicron Recall: Killing Order 90 The Lost Hydraulic (x34 y21) 30 minutes Defeat Chi
Unit N-6205 has successfully established a connection with Chi─which has arrived with offensive protocols fully primed. It would seem that the only way to retrieve its data is to defeat it in combat.'

Spawn conditions:

Behind the scenes[]

The aether currents in this zone only appear in Ostrakon Tria and Deka-hexi. This is because the wind in the region only appears after Estinien's sacrifice to open the path in Deka-Octo.

Musical themes[]

The theme of the zone is "Close in the Distance", sung by Jason C. Miller. When first arriving in the area, a muffled and distorted version of the song known as "Echoes in the Distance" plays and changes as the story is progressed, first to an instrumental version, before staying in its lyrical form after the main scenario quests are completed. The default Endwalker overworld combat theme does not play in this zone.


Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, the spell Ultima's name is written as "Artema", a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.

"Thule" is a Latin and Ancient Greek term referring to the northernmost location in the known world, which to the Romans and Greeks was Scandinavia. Together, the terms mean "The farthest Thule" and refers to any location beyond the regions of the known world, befitting a region at the edge of the known universe.

Ostrakon (plural ostraka), alternatively written as ostracon, is a Greek word for a shard of pottery. In archaeology, ostraka are potsherds or stone fragments that were reused or repurposed to inscribe a message, with writing on the surface added after the original object broke. In classical Athens, when votes were cast by citizens on the exile of a person, they were cast and counted in ostraka.