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Ultima Ground Zero.

Ultima Ground Zero on the world map.

Beneath the land once known as 'Lorica' lies a labyrinth laden with all sorts of treasures and personal effects. Unfortunately, what remains of Lorica is now riddled with terrifying creatures, so if you value your life, I recommend you proceed with caution.

Dominion Tribune in Corsi

Ultima Ground Zero (アルテマ弾投下地, Arutema-dan Tōka Chi?)–also referred to as the Ultima Blast Site–is a labyrinthine dungeon in Orience's Old Lorica Region in Final Fantasy Type-0 accessible by passing the Black Tortoise Crevasse. This dungeon is located underneath the former capital of the Lorican Alliance, and is the impact site of the Militesi Ultima Bomb. It is the site of the former capital of Lorica and the Black Peristylium.


Map of the Blast Site with enumerated floors


In Ultima Ground Zero, all doors leading further into the dungeon are closed until all enemies in the floor are slain. Also, in most of the floors, the door where you came from, remains open, leaving you an escape route if you want to retreat.

  • 1st floor: Blast Site
  • 2nd floor: Southeast Crater
  • 3rd floor: Southeast Cavern
  • 4th floor: Trail of Ruin
  • 5th floor: Trail of Ruin
  • 6th floor: North Crater
  • 7th floor: Trail of Ruin
  • 8th floor:
  • 9th floor: Sanctum Access (this floor is empty, the door to the next floor opens immediately)
  • 10th floor: Inner Sanctum


In chapter 7, Ryid tasks Class Zero with finding a remaining record of what happened immediately before the Ultima Bomb, meaning the Lorican Diary (Last Days of Lorica).


Droprate refers to chest loot.


  • X-Potion (8 pieces) - 3rd floor (25%), 5th floor (25%) and 7th floor (25%)
  • Megalixir (2 pieces) - 3rd floor (25%) and 7th floor (25%)
  • Megalixir (3 pieces) - 5th floor (25%)


Key items[]


Enemy Level: 72


The artwork is from the Final Fantasy Type-0 Kōshiki Settei Shiryōshū Aku no Hishi art book.