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Ultima Demons (アルテマデーモン, Arutema Dēmon?) are servants of Ultima in Final Fantasy Tactics. They are more powerful than their Archaeodaemon counterparts and are blue in places where the Archaeodaemons are red.

Celia and Lettie, the two assassins serving Marquis Elmdore, are really Ultima Demons. Ultima Demons are also summoned by Folmarv Tengille to fight along side the undead Zalbaag, and are present during the final battle.

Ultima Demons are immune to Holy-elemental attacks, just like the Archaeodaemons.

Ramza, Alma, and Luso can learn its Ultima spell, one of the enemy abilities, if they are hit by Ultima and survive the attack.


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A fell monster named after Ultima, the High Seraph. Attacks with the incredibly destructive Demon Magicks.

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
5 2 5 10% High High Average Average


Innate abilities[]

Night Magic/Demon Magicks[]

Ultima demon job command. Brings forth magickal powers from the dark realm.


The damage formula for Nanoflare is as follows:

The damage formula for all other attacks is as follows:

The formula for success rate of Twister is as follows:

PS1 Name WotL Name MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Nanoflare 4 3 20
Cleave the very building blocks of matter apart, attacking with the resulting energy burst.
Quote: "Open the doors to where power lives! Nanoflare!"
Dark Holy Unholy Darkness 40 4 1 15
Magick that inflicts damage by enveloping the target in a pitch-black void.
Element: Dark.
Quote: "Aurora, exhale bloody air! Dark Holy!"
Ultima 10 4 2 20
Magick that inflicts damages with pure energy.
Quote: "Brush off vanity and show reality! Ultima!"
Hurricane Twister 4 3 Now
Call forth a tornado to damage the surrounding area.
Ulmaguest Almagest 4 3 Now
Inflict damage by bringing about a space-time warp set in place by stars twinkling in the firmament.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

Ultima Demon.

Ultima Demons appear as a regular enemy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, the spell Ultima's name is written as "Artema", a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.

A demon is "an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell".