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High Seraph, bringer of life and death.

In-Game Description

Ultima is a Rank III Ranged Healing Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Her normal ability, Revitalize, heals a single ally and removes debuffs, and her special attack, Eschaton, deals damage to enemies in a line extending from her.


Ultima can be bought from the Ring of Pacts for 3 Auracite. She can be obtained after completing "Mission 57: Otherworldly Beauty." She rewards the party with Penelo's Quickening, Dance of Rapture. She is at level 33 during the mission.


Summoning Ultima costs 20 Affinity. Ultima is a powerful and reliable healer. Her Revitalize restores HP and removes all debuffs on single unit. Ultima's healing may be not as great as Carbuncle's Ruby Balm due to her comparatively lower Magick, yet she has superior Stamina and Mind, making her durable. Ultima also has the third highest Mind stat among the Rank III Espers behind Zodiark and Zalera, making her durable against enemy mages.

Ultima's Eschaton deals heavy damage to all enemies in a line extending from her. It has ~25 second cooldown, around ~21 seconds with Haste. She has superior Attack Speed, approximately 3 seconds latency, but has slower Movement Speed than White Hare and Carbuncle. Since she is only susceptible to Poison and Slow statuses, she can easily shake them off with Revitalize.

Ultima's Defense and Stamina are low, making her susceptible to Melee attacks. Her Eschaton may be able to deal damage to all enemies in front of her, but if the enemies spread, she cannot hit all of them with it.