Template:FFXII Special Enemy Ultima is a boss in Final Fantasy XII. She is located in the highest reaches of the Great Crystal in Giruvegan.

Bestiary Entry

Genus: Esper
Classification: High Seraph

Page 1: Observations

Masterpiece among the scions created by the gods, and the mastermind of the plot to rise against them. Prior to her betrayal, she was tasked with guiding souls to heaven and aiding in their reincarnation. Called the High Seraph for her angelic wings of glimmering gold, yet it was on wings of deepest black that the tainted angel Ultima rose against the gods. Since her fall, her heart is without light, and impossible to know.

Finding Ultima

After Ancient City of Giruvegan events, use the quickest way to return to The Great Crystal, where the map only displays a giant crystal in your map. You will be at teleport Waystone VIII. From the waystone, you can see three ways: one goes up, one goes down and another one sealed by Gate Scorpio. Head to Up way to and unseal Gate Scorpio. Go back to Waystone VIII and cross over it. You will reach Waystone IX, teleport to X.

From Waystone X, following the only way will reach to Waystone XX. From the Waystone XX, you can see two paths sealed by Gate Sagittarius (I and II), and another two paths; one way down, one way up, and another way is where you came from. From where you come from, go to your left side, which leads you down. Continue down until the end and you'll see a switch for Gate Sagittarius. After unsealing Gate Sagittarius, you will have a time limit to return to Waystone XX to unseal Gate Sagittarius. If you've defeated all the enemies in going to the switch, you should be able to make it back to Waystone XX. In Waystone XX, unseal Gate Sagittarius II, and cross over it to reach Waystone XII.

In Waystone XII, use it to teleport to Waystone XIV. In XIV platform, follow the way leading up. In the nest platform, unseal the switch for Gate Leo, then return to XVI as soon as possible (time counting). From XVI, take the way Down, when you reach the third platform the way branch to two, one reaches to Gate Leo, one reaches the Excalibur chest, unfortunately you can't get now, so take the way leading Up to unseal Gate Leo II. After Crossing Gate Leo, you will see two more ways and a Gate Gemini, take any way that aren't unseal will reach to Waystone XV, use it to teleport to Waystone XVI.

In XVI platform, follow the middle way and you'll see the Switch for Gate Libra. (take note, you will be back here later.) Push the switch and return to platform XVI. From where you back to XVI, take the Right way, which leads you up. In the next Platform, unseal Gate Libra I and Cross that way. You'll reach to a platform with three ways, from where you came, take the left route, which takes you up.

Push the switch for Gate Capricorn, return to XVI (time counting). In platform XVI, take the only going Down way and you'll see Gate Capricorn I, unseal it and use it to reach to the switch for Gate Virgo, unseal the switch and return to platform XVI (time counting). In platform XVI, head the mid-Path, which takes you to Libra Switch, from there, follow the down and you'll see two sealing gate in the next platform. Unseal Gate Virgo II and cross it.

In the next section, from where you come, take the right way, which leads up. You'll reach Waystone XVII. Use to teleport to Waystone XVIII. In XVIII platform, follow the only way and you'll see a Save Crystal in the next section. Save Crystal Section, there 3 branched way, from where you come, right way leads to Waystone XIX, which warps back to Waystone XX. Take the Middle path, which leads you to where Ultima is sealed.


Before fighting Ultima, it is highly recommended that your main party members are at least level 55 or above, level 30 or above for back-up characters. Aside from that, it is crucial that you have 3 White Masks, or Sage's Ring to absorb Ultima's Holyja attack. You should stock Ethers and Curative items before finding and fighting Ultima. You should also store Bubble Belts, Rings of Renewal, and Opal Rings for more advantages. If you found the Excalibur before reaching Ultima, make sure you remove it if you have it equipped. There's a Save Crystal before fighting Ultima, so make sure you buff you characters, before fighting Ultima. She can be found in the mid-path from where you came from. At the start of the battle, she will cast Holyja after 12 attacks, which includes standard attacks and Redemption, you can de-equip White Masks or Ring of Renewal to lure Ultima to use Redemption, then immediately switch back to White Masks or Ring of Renewal to absorb her attacks. Be noted that you will receive damage every time your characters attack her. When you drained her 20% HP, she will cast Holyja, regardless of the number of times she attacked. Like all other Espers, Ultima's special move, Holyja, deals high Holy damage to all your party members and has a chance of inflicting Reverse status on your characters. Should any characters, worse, all characters all inflicted with Reverse status, immediately cast Dispelga/Dispel on those who are inflicted, Ultima will cast Renew on the Reverse'd characters, thus leaving them 1 HP, a follow-up standard attack will instant-kill your characters. When Ultima's HP drops down to around 70%, a magick field will fall, first, you'll get HP decrease, MP decrease and so-on:

HP decrease-->MP decrease-->Attack Command seal-->Magick Command Seal-->Technick Commannd Seal-->Item Command Seal-->Increase/Lag Weapon attacks Charge Time.

The Magick seal will continue to cycle until you beat Ultima. It is recommended to equip Ring Of Renewal (constant Regen) during the magic seal, if not simply cure with X-Potion, if you have a healthy stock of it.

When Ultima's HP drops to 70%, she uses Holyja after 7 attacks instead of 12, so you might want to speed up your attacks. She also casts Reflectga on all you characters from time to time, so don't stupidly cast Curative spells without equipping Opal Ring. If your timing is right, after dispelling all your characters from Reflect status, Ultima might cast Curaja on your characters, healing 3000 and above HP to all your characters! Theoretically if you don't or fail to cast Dispelga in time, Ultima's Curaja will bounce from you, therefore healing herself instead. Like other Espers, Ultima's stats will increase as her HP depletes. So make sure you're cautious about the Reverse status on your characters after Ultima's Holyja and it should be fine.

But when Ultima's HP drops to 30%, she uses Holyja after 3 attacks, so you will need Haste, Bubble, Protect, and Shell casted on yourself. Her attacks are very fast, very powerful and her regular attack really commonly have a chance to inflict Sap on a ally. Also, her Holyja drastically increases in power. If you don't have any white masks on, you will get killed in one hit, but with white masks, you'll have the reverse status. Just make sure that you cast Dispel on yourself if any of your characters are casted reverse because Ultima can cast renew at a character and KO them easily. White masks are very useful so don't worry about Holyja because if you first have the Esper Zodiark in the Henne Mines, it will be a piece of cake if you summoned Zodiark before you fight with Ultima. But unfortunately, Zodiark could be killed easily with a Holyja. Just keep hacking away with regular atacks and Darkga and then you will defeat her and have her as your Esper.

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