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Extreme magic attack


Ultima is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Ultima Materia. The spell is only granted by the Materia once it reaches level 2. It is the most powerful offensive magic spell in the game, dealing immense non-elemental damage to all enemies, which cannot be reflected.


Magic Materia Ultima, Master Magic
Effect Heavy non-elemental magic damage to all enemies
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut
Final Attack
HP Absorb
Magic Counter
MP Absorb
MP Turbo
Quadra Magic
Sneak Attack
Steal as well

Damage formula:

where "Level" is the caster's current level and "Magical Attack" is their Magic atk stat. This is effectively 6.5625x the base magic damage.


Ultima can be used by characters with the Ultima Materia at level 2, meaning its Materia provides no effect aside from stat changes until it receives 5000 AP. The spell is the strongest spell in the game, as it deals immense non-elemental damage to all enemies, which cannot be reflected or resisted. Its only drawback is its huge MP cost.

Ultima can be amplified further by pairing the Ultima Materia with Support Materia. As it is potent in any situation, it is a good choice to be linked with Magic Counter or Sneak Attack. MP Absorb can also mitigate its high MP cost, while HP Absorb can provide durability to spellcasters. MP Turbo or Quadra Magic add to its already immense damage. Using it against Emerald Weapon can be useful as it has multiple targets that can be hit at once with Ultima.

Ultima can be cast by Dark Dragon, Jenova∙SYNTHESIS, and Ruby Weapon. Dark Dragon only counters with Ultima once per battle when attacked by magic, while Ruby Weapon uses the spell freely and always counterattacks with the spell when hit by Knights of the Round. Jenova∙SYNTHESIS only uses the spell when its countdown reaches 0.


If paired with Quadra Magic and HP or MP Absorb Materia, the Quadra Magic Ultima glitch freezes the game when used against bosses with multiple limbs (e.g. Carry Armor).