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Equips "Ultima" magic


Single slot. Ultima is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the spell Ultima, the most powerful spell in the game. Ultima is a non-elemental spell that hits all enemies and ignores reflection. The Ultima Materia will not provide the spell until leveling up once, and at base level provides no spells.


Ultima is a rare Materia that can only be obtained from an event at North Corel. If the player stops the coal train during the Huge Materia mission when playing as Cid Highwind, a boy gives it to the party for free. If the player's Materia inventory is full when being given Ultima, the Materia can be obtained from the boy later in the Tent.

If the player fails to stop the train, they must purchase it for 50,000 gil. If the player fails to even catch up to the train during the mission, the Materia is unavailable until after the Shinra No. 26 Huge Materia mission. If the Huge Materia is reclaimed during said mission, Ultima can be obtained for free from the boy in the Tent. If that mission is failed, Ultima cannot be obtained.

Since Ultima can only be obtained once, the only way to have multiple Ultima Materia is to master it. This requires 100000, a huge amount, meaning it is best to equip weapons and armor that provide Double or Triple AP to do so.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 None
2 5000 Ultima
3 100000 MASTER


Magic MP Formula Power Effect
Ultima 130 Magic 105 Heavy non-elemental magic damage to all enemies. Cannot be reflected.


The Ultima Materia only grants the spell Ultima, and only does so at level 2 after it has received 5000 AP. This makes Ultima effectively useless for its first level as it solely provides stat changes. Once Ultima is obtained, however, it is the most powerful spell in the game. It deals immense non-elemental magic damage to all enemies, ignoring reflect, making it useful in all cases.

Ultima comes with significant stat changes. It provides +10% to max MP, +4 Magic, and +2 Magic def, but -10% HP, -4 Strength, and -2 Vitality. These stat changes can be helpful to characters that use magic for most of their damage, as they rely on their Magic stat, but is detrimental to physical attackers. Therefore, it is better given to characters easily built towards spellcasting due to higher MP and Magic stats, such as Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Vincent. Cloud can also be a good choice as he can be built towards either magical or physical damage.

Ultima can be paired with Support Materia to further boost its damage further or provide various effects. As the spell is extremely powerful and works in all situations, it can be a great choice to pair with Sneak Attack and Magic Counter. It can also be paired with MP Turbo and Quadra Magic to amplify its damage even further. For sustainability, Ultima can be paired with HP Absorb to improve durability, or with MP Absorb to mitigate its significant MP cost.