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Ulrich is a non-playable Hume warrior in Final Fantasy XI. He is a famous Bastokan citizen and former captain of the Mythril Musketeers. Their current leader, Volker, is his nephew.

Ten years before the Crystal War Ulrich was sent along with two other Mythril Musketeers, Raogrimm and Cornelia, to investigate the Northlands in cooperation with Francmage M Mistalle of San d'Oria and Yow Rabntah and Iru-Kuiru of Windurst. Prior to the expedition Ulrich had been in conflict with Raogrimm because he was advocating peace with the Beastmen, and he was jealous of Raogrimm's relationship with Cornelia.

At Xarcabard, while under the corrupting influence of the black magicite, he led Raogrimm to a cliff and attacked him. However, Cornelia sacrificed herself to save Raogrimm. Ulrich ran off and lured the rest of the Expedition away from Raogrimm and Cornelia, leaving them to die.

It is said that later in life he was deeply regretful of his actions in Xarcabard, and that he spent his days in solitude before the Shadow Lord killed him. After his death, he, too, is tied to the realm of Dynamis, referring to himself as a traitor and asking the player to help him redeem himself by aiding Raogrimm.

After the Dynamis Lord was defeated, Raogrimm and Cornelia forgive Ulrich. Along with Francmage, Iru-Kuiru, and Rabntah, Ulrich pledges to stand vigil with Raogrimm and Cornelia over Dynamis for all eternity.