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A young woman with berserker abilities that allow her to unleash her innermost potential through a trance when faced with mortal danger on the battlefield. Although usually quite gentle in nature, Ulrica goes into an involuntary and aggressive frenzy after spotting anyone she considers an enemy. She makes a living by using her skills as a bodyguard for others, but even she fears the state of her own health.

In-game description

Ulrica is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a unwilling Berserker, unleashing her innermost physical potential at the cost of her reasoning, who travels with Heltich, a Black Mage who hopes to find the cure to her condition.



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Ulrica usually quite gentle in nature, but whenever she spots anyone she considers an enemy she goes into an involuntary and aggressive frenzy (which appears to be a different personality altogether, which her normal self calls 'the other Ulrica'). Though Ulrica can use her abilities to her benefit, she fears the state of her own health; her genetic abilities cause her to black out directly before and after each battle, jumbling her memory and impairing her logical reasoning. This lack of memories makes Ulrica afraid of herself. She avoids growing close to others, fearing for their safety.


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Ulrica was born with berserker abilities running through her blood. Because of this she was abandoned by her family and forced to wander the land by herself without the slightest memory of her parents. She eventually learned to make a living by using her skills as a bodyguard for others, but her lack of memories of her own life and impaired reasoning made her afraid for her own health. She began traveling so as to not cause anyone any trouble.

One day someone who can clarify her predicament appears, which is seen in "Shadow of the Empire". While working in Zoldaad, she goes to a tavern and meets a client, a bartender who had heard rumors that she was good. Though the man doubts her reputation based on her looks, she just asks what is it he needs done. He tells her that monsters keep increasing on the volcano and that they don't have enough manpower to exterminate them all; they will pay per confirmed kill, if she makes it back alive, and wishes her good luck.

Ulrica arrives at the volcano, where to her surprise, the targets are undead and not monsters. Though they look more like humans, her other self comes out and defeats the zombies. She advances deep into the volcano and enters into an abandoned laboratory dedicated to human experimentation in the past, where she meets Heltich. He rapidly realizes she is a berserker and calms her by telling her there are no enemies present, and asks her to take a slow breath. When Ulrica returns to her normal self, Heltich tells her he read about people like her in ancient writings and explains that her condition stems from an imbalance of magical power, and not spiritual power. Heltich then asks Ulrica to travel together so that he can help her find some way to control herself, hoping to perfect the magic he has long labored to complete. Ulrica accepts.

Ulrica and Heltich reappear in "The Phantom Blueprint".

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Ulrica is an optional playable character. She is a 3-6★ summonable unit, whose job is listed as Berserker: she mostly has passive traits that trigger powerful counters when she receives physical or magic attacks. She can equip axes, hammers, maces and fists, along with hats, clothes, light armor and accessories. She is a good choice for Arena teams if properly equipped.