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A pair of blades wielded by a hero who fought for the future of his homeland. One was forged in the Crown City, and the other in Galahd.


Ulric's Kukris (ウリックの双剣, Urikku no Futaken?, lit. Ulric's Twin Swords) is a pair of kukris (daggers for gameplay purposes) that act as Nyx Ulric's signature weapon in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The weapons have been named "Ulric's Kukri" and "Nyx's Dagger" in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The knives act as a pair, but are not identical with one another. One is said to originate from Galahd, Nyx's birthplace, and the other from the Crown City where he now lives, thus symbolizing both his homelands.

In the real world a kukri is a knife originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated with the Nepali speaking Gurkhas. The knife has an inwardly curved blade used as both a tool and as a weapon.

Nyx's kukris' handles are identical, but the blades and the hanging accessory are different. One has a black decorated blade whose curve is serrated, and the hanging accessory is beads with two silver diamond-shaped tags with the royal insignia. The other blade is serrated at the top and has two fangs or claws attached to the handle with cord. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius denotes the former(called Nyx's Dagger in this game) as the Insomnian-forged blade, and the latter(called Ulric's Kukri in this game) as the one from Galahd. When only one weapon is shown, such as in the Final Fantasy XV menu, the Galahdian kukri is used. Nyx stores the kukris in a leather holster at the small of his back.


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV[]

Nyx has his kukris on his person at all times and uses them to warp by throwing them. He uses his kukris in conjunction with magic when fighting off imperial forces in the service of the Kingsglaive.

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Nyx kills Drautos.

When King Regis is killed Nyx loses his magic powers. He tries to warp to an assault craft that is following their car by throwing his Insomnian-forged kukri, but finds himself unable to. The weapon is thus taken by the Lucian traitors, eventually ending up with Libertus Ostium. After Nyx regains the use of magic from the Ring of the Lucii, Libertus tries to return the kukri, but Nyx insists he take it with him while escorting Lunafreya out of the city, using the Galahdian-forged kukri throughout his fight against Titus Drautos

When Drautos separates from the battle with Nyx, he fights with Libertus on his way out of the city, who digs the kukri into Drautos' armor; the armour absorbs the kukri, where it remains until Nyx resumes the battle. Nyx is disarmed of the Galahdian kukri, but after being heated by Nyx's fire magic, the Insomnian kukri is ejected from Drautos' armour, providing a warping beacon and allowing Nyx to finish the battle. The kukris are both left in the rubble around Nyx and Drautos when the sun rises.

Final Fantasy XV[]

When Noctis arrives in the ruins of Insomnia ten years later, he recovers Nyx's kukris from a powerful daemonpsychomancer—as a secret weapon. Whether this is what became of Drautos is unknown, but the last time Nyx had his kukri was after striking down Drautos. Either Noctis or Ignis can equip them as daggers; though a powerful pair, they are not ultimate weapon-tier.

Ulric's Kukris
(Ulric's Twin Swords)
Daggers23413Max HP: +282
Max MP: +24
Strength: +8
Vitality: +15
Magic: +48
Spirit: +20
Shot Resistance: 21%
Fire Resistance: 5%
Ice Resistance: 7%
Lightning Resistance: 4%
Dark Resistance: 19%
+1% to HP and MP recovery rates
Buy: —
Sell: 15000
Find: Defeat Psychomancer in Ch.14: Insomnia
A pair of blades wielded by a hero who fought for the future of his homeland. One was forged in the Crown City, and the other in Galahd.

Some players struggle to make the psychomancer spawn in Insomnia. In the original version, the player should defeat Ifrit and then head inside the Citadel and wait outside the elevator a bit. Two red giants should spawn outside the Citadel, and the player can head back out and kill them, and then head to the starting area of Insomnia while killing all enemies they come across. Psychomancer should be waiting at the main street.

In the Royal and Windows Editions the psychomancer still spawns back in front of eastern station on the main thoroughfare at the beginning of the Insomnia Ruins. There are three black flan before the the Ifrit boss fight the player must defeat. After entering the Citadel and defeating the Fierce, the player can approach the elevator in the next hallway and the main quest objective changes to "board the elevator." Rather than doing that, however, the player should exit the Citadel and defeat the red giants outside, then continue along the main road, head through the narrower path to northeast past a yellow car, and head south and defeat the arachne there.

There is a subway entrance nearby that leads underground. The path is gated but the panel next to the gate opens it. Taking the western turn finds troopers and salpinx the player should kill, then backtrack back to the street level near where the player defeated the arachne. Continuing east finds a yojimbo the player should kill. Continuing along, the path turns north and there are two nagarani to defeat. Continuing from there leads to the main road where the psychomancer will spawn. There is a red vending machine in the middle of the area south of where the psychomancer spawned (an F-shaped area on the map between the buildings near the fire deposit). Interacting with the vending machine should respawn the psychomancer.

In the original version psychomancer simply dropped Ulric's Kukris that the player could pick up from the ground after the battle. After patch 1.21, some players have also reported on finding Ulric's Kukris simply lying on the street, thus getting a second pair. In the Windows and Royal Editions, some players report that the psychomancer will not drop the daggers unless in Chapter 14 via Chapter Select, which resets all quest progress and thus effectively works as a New Game Plus. However, other players have been able to obtain them without using Chapter Select, and still others have again found the kukris simply lying on the ground without the psychomancer spawning, as recently as Royal Edition version 1.24 with an end-game save rather than Chapter Select.[1]

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Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

FFBE Ulric's Dagger.png

The beloved short sword of a hero from the faraway world of Eos. This hero is said to have used this short sword made in his homeland along with another short sword made in Insomnia, the capital city of the Kingdom of Lucis.


Nyx is a summonable vision and optional playable character whose Ulric's Kukri was available as a mission reward to the challenge event The Wicked Beast Cerberus. It boosts MP by 20% and increases resistance to all elements by 10%. It gives 84 ATK and 30 SPR.

FFBE Nyx's Dagger.png

Its Insomnian counterpart is also available as Nyx's Super Trust Master reward, called Nyx's Dagger. Its description goes: "A dagger that was used by a certain hero who held faith in the future of his homeland in the faraway world of Eos. The dagger is noted for its unique, curved blade. He lost his homeland after being invaded by the Niflheim Empire. Soon after, he joined the Kingdom of Lucis's elite force, the 'Kingsglaive,' and fought for the future of his homeland." It is a Fire-elemental dagger that gives 158 ATK, 50 DEF and raises HP by 20%.



The kukris are included in Nyx's Play Arts Kai figure.



Ulric is Nyx's surname. Ulric is a variant of the name Ulrich, which means "heritage ruler." It is also a middle English form of the name Wulfric, which means "wolf ruler."

A kukri or kukuri is a type of curved Nepalese knife, closely associated with the Gurkha. It is used as a hacking tool, despite an urban legend about them being used as a weapon to slit throats from behind.