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Ulger Ironheart is an Eorzean explorer that appears in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the son of famed explorer Roddard Ironheart and an explorer in his own right. While spending time at the Ala Mhigan resistance's base in Rhalgr's Reach, in the heart of Gyr Abania, Ulger spoted the Warrior of Light, whom he recognised through his niece Millith's sightseeing log they carried. Having spoken before with Millith about helping said adventurer, Ulger updated their sightseeing log with sights and vistas in the regions of Gyr Abania, Othard and Koshu, that they might seek them out and explore.



Ulger is a Midlander Hyur of average height with tan skin and hair greyed with age. Like his relative Kester, Ulger wears a specially dyed Wyvernskin Jerkin.


Like most of this relatives, Ulger is proud of his family's storied history of exploration, and particularly of his father's accomplishments. Though he has explored much more than just that, Ulger has a certain affinity to the rugged areas of Gyr Abania and the diverse sights of the so called "Far East".

Behind the scenes[]

Ulger and his family are an extended reference to Gwynham Ironheart from Final Fantasy XI, a historical explorer that mapped much of Vana'diel.