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Clan Shalo defeated by Clan Nutsy.

Largest river in Ivalice. Winds through swamplands.


Ulei River (ユレー川, Yurē gawa?) is a swamp location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed after "Mission #004: Desert Peril" is completed and is the site of "Mission #005: Twisted Flow", where Marche finds the first of the seams. He is then teleported to the shrine of the Totema Famfrit, who guards the Moogle Crystal, and engages Marche in battle.

After Marche defeats Famfrit, the crystal shatters, and Marche resolves to destroy the remaining crystals. Ulei River is also the site of "Mission #049: A Lost Ring", "Mission #083: Foreign Fiend", and "Mission #112: A Challenge". It can be freed in "Mission #244: Ulei River" after "Mission #008: Hot Awakening" is completed.


Clan Shalo[]

Base located in the shallows. Avoid water engagements. Attack them on land!


All members of Clan Shalo have Feather Boots equipped, allowing them to walk on the many water tiles of their home base.

Turf Defense[]

Help Ulei![]

  • Defender
  • White Mage
  • White Monk
  • Warrior