FFXIII wiki icon Template:FFXIII-2 Enemies Ugallu is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It can be a dangerous foe to face. It begins battle by using Roar, giving itself many beneficial status effects. It will then begin attacking the party, alternating between physical attacks and Virulent Breath, which inflicts several status ailments on the party.


One staple for the party in this battle should be a Sentinel. Since Ugallu uses moderately powerful area-of-effect attacks, the party can take some major damage without one present. After the first Stagger, Ugallu begins to attack in even more rapid succession. This is particularly dangerous to the party and makes a Sentinel absolutely mandatory. A recommended Sentinel is Bunkerbeast with Fringeward, which is arguably one of the best Sentinels in the game.

Since Ugallu is immune to Dispel, one has to deal with the beginning boost he gains from the Roar ability. One can, however, inflict other ailments such as Deprotect and Deshell on him, which will make things much easier. A Synergist can also be helpful to rack up the damage.

For a mid-level party, Ugallu can be a threat if one finds little time to intercept with a chain building paradigm. If a Saboteur is available, it will likely be doing as much boosting as the main attacking paradigm. Delta Attack (RAV-COM-SEN) is recommended for this battle to reduce AoE damage while building a steady chain. The secondary paradigms should have a Sentinel and Medic in order to cure the various status ailments Ugallu inflicts with Virulent Breath and to keep HP stable.

The goal here is to take the brunt of his attacks with the Sentinel and build up his stagger slowly but surely. Once stagger is achieved, it's not recommended to switch to an all-out offensive paradigm. Even though he's staggered, he can still cause a great deal of damage to your party. Go with the flow and try to hold a steady strategy to fell this mighty beast.

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