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Tyran Aarde is the step-father of Goulde Aarde, a former 2nd class SOLDIER. He is introduced in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story, wherein he hires Kyrie Canaan and Evan Townshend to find Goulde.


On the day of Meteorfall, Tyran injured his leg and was unable to evacuate Midgar. A man visited him sometime after with a photograph of his step-son Goulde, other Shinra employees, and civilians. The man suffered from geostigma, becoming delirious and dying before he could impart any more information. Tyran believed the man was trying to locate family members of those in the photograph.

Tyran eventually sought the help of Kyrie Canaan and Evan Townshend in locating Goulde. To attract business, Kyrie claimed that she could use the Lifestream to find missing individuals. Tyran admitted that he did not necessarily believe the deceased could communicate with her, but was desperate to find his son and willing to try anything. He provided a down payment of two materia taken from Shinra.

Kyrie and Evan located Goulde in Nibelheim, where he has become the head of security. Goulde was surprised that Tyran was looking for him; he explained that Tyran was his step-father and that he never thought of him as a father. Goulde had been upset with his mother for moving in with Tyran and joined Shinra in order to leave their household. Tyran and Goulde subsequently fell out of touch after Goulde's mother died. Goulde was opposed to contacting Tyran, but Kyrie still gave him Tyran's contact information. She conveyed that Tyran may want to reconnect with Goulde and forge a familial bond.

After Kyrie and Evan return home, they received a letter from Tyran, who paid them handsomely for their help. Goulde had been in touch with him and the two are arranged to meet.



Tyran is described as an older man of about 70 years old with a receding hairline. He is nearly as tall as Evan and stands straight, though looks notably more feeble when sitting. At his first meeting with Kyrie and Evan, he wears an old, tailored suit the color of charcoal.