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Tyr Beq, also known as Weaver, is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. They are the leader of the Dreamspinners and a major character in pixie beast tribe questline.


Tyr Beq and Ezel II.

Because Lyre Mheg's gates were sealed, children all over Norvrandt began to have nightmares. Tyr Beq, believing that a pixie was responsible, headed to Crystarium to investigate. Tyr Beq met the Warrior of Darkness who could see the pixie and soon deduced who they were. With help of the Warrior and Ezel II, Tyr Beq made their way over to a girl from Sullen who was having nightmares. A pixie named An Lad presented themself as responsible for the events, claiming that tormenting children allows one to befriend them. Since the porxie could not devour the nightmare, Tyr Beq invoked a physical manifestation of it for the Warrior of Darkness defeat and so the girl overcame her torments and extinguished the nightmare. With the task accomplished, one of Lyhe Mheg's gates reopened.

Tyr Beq's party continued to defeat the nightmares of children from other regions and learned more about An Lad (discovering that they were a reincarnation of Titania). Tyr Beq wanted to befriend the reincarnation of their friend, and eventually An Lad's torment became so powerful it covered Lyhe Mheg with a nightmare. Once the Warrior of Darkness defeated the nightmare, An Lad overcame their torments and accepted Tyr Beq's offer for friendship.




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During the As the Heart Bids As the Heart Bids quest, Tyr Beq helps the player as an allied NPC in the role of healer.