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He's not so great with words, but his strength'll blow you away!
—Ultros about Typhon.

Typhon appears as a downloadable content monster along with Ultros in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

Typhon arrives in battle as soon as Ultros's total HP is roughly halved. Typhon provides the main offense of the pair, with Ultros opting to buff Typhon with various status enhancements. Typhon is immune to all status ailments, including Dispel, making the use of a Saboteur obsolete in the battle. In addition, should the player attack Ultros, Typhon will eventually cast Renew on Ultros, restoring all of his HP. Therefore the player must attack Typhon instead to win the battle.

Recommended Paradigms (Serah, Noel, Monster):

  • Delta Attack (RAV/COM/SEN) - default paradigm
  • Solidarity (MED/COM/SEN)
  • Tortoise (SEN/SEN/SEN)
  • Decimation-W (RAV/COM/SYN) - Monster Synergist must know either Bravega or Faithga.
  • Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM)
  • Cerberus-X (COM/COM/COM)

Typhon has an array of powerful attacks, which inflict large amounts of damage even before taking the buffs Ultros bestows upon him into account. Therefore having a Sentinel active throughout the fight is a good move. Gnash can hit nearby party members for moderate damage and Typhon's standard physical attack is powerful too. Perhaps his most dangerous attack is his signature move Snort, which inflicts major wind-elemental damage, causes massive wound damage, removes all status enhancements and applies Daze to all affected by the attack.

When the Snort notification appears, it is wise to shift to an all-Sentinel paradigm (Tortoise) to reduce its damage. When Typhon's HP is low he may also use Fireball, which inflicts massive damage to all party members, even more than Snort. Again, shifting to Tortoise reduces its effects. Typhon is capable of alternating between Snort and Fireball, so occasional healing between attacks, and using Remedies to remove Daze is required.

Occasionally, Typhon will lose his motivation to fight and cease his attacks. During this state, no fewer than eight status ailments are applied on Typhon. Ultros also stops attacking, and starts to systematically remove these status ailments and restore some HP. Typhon rejoins the battle as soon as all status effects are removed, so the player should use the breathing space gifted to them to shift to an offensive Paradigm like Relentless Assault (or Cerberus-X, if Typhon is staggered), even if the party members are in desperate need of healing. It may also be worth shifting to a paradigm with a monster Synergist that knows Bravega or Faithga, so that even more damage can be inflicted.

Once Typhon has been defeated, the battle ends with a Cinematic Action sequence.

Paradigm Pack Edit

Typhon is recruitable as a Commando. His stat development is weighted towards HP initially, but his Magic is heavily boosted at Level 13, allowing him to have the highest magic stat for a monster Commando. His passive abilities Auto Enaero, Auto Enfire and Weak Spot allow him to inflict even more damage against certain enemies. One large drawback is that he has a very long animation casting length, so he may not inflict as much damage as his stats and skillset suggest.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Attack Initial Command N
Ruin Initial Command N
Weak Spot Initial Passive N
Auto-Enaero Initial Passive N
Powerchain 4 Auto Y
Lifesiphon 5 Auto Y
Mind Piercer 7 Auto N
Auto-Enfire 9 Passive N
Blindside 10 Auto Y
Scourge 11 Auto Y
Ruinga 12 Command Y
Magic: +25% 13 Passive Y


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic

Other appearances Edit

Triple Triad Edit

374b Ultros & Typhon

Ultros and Typhon from Final Fantasy XIII-2 appear on Triple Triad cards in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Gallery Edit

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