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He's not so great with words, but his strength'll blow you away! Heh-heh...


Typhon, also known as Chupon, is a character in Final Fantasy VI. He is Ultros's partner, and though he is unintelligible and unintelligent, possesses terrific power.


Typhon flies Ultros to the Blackjack when the party engages the Imperial Air Force over the Floating Continent. Though Ultros engages the party alone at first, he quickly realizes he is outmatched and calls in Typhon to even the odds. When Typhon takes critical damage, he lets loose a massive Snort that blasts the party off the airship.

In the World of Ruin, Typhon now works at Dragon's Neck Coliseum where Ultros has become a receptionist to pay off his debts.





Appears at Ultros's call. Unlike Ultros, it's weakness is cold, so use Ice 2. At the battle's end he uses Sneeze, and the scene shifts to the battle vs. Air Force.

PlayStation Bestiary entry

When the party flies to the Floating Continent, they will be notified during the attack of a strange creature approaching, and can watch Typhon fly onto the ship and disembark Ultros. When Ultros has taken 4,200 damage, he will call Typhon into the battle. He absorbs fire and is weak to Ice and Water. Therefore, Blizzara spells and Edgar or Mog equipped with a Trident and Dragoon Boots work well. Typhon is susceptible to Silence. The battle will only end once Typhon is defeated; when his HP hits 0, Typhon uses Snort as a final attack to blow the party off the airship. The party can thus ignore Ultros and focus on Typhon.

he party is immediately blown into battle with the Air Force afterward.

In the Coliseum, Typhon is the opponent if the party bets an item of little value, wagering an Elixir. Typhon has a 75% chance to use Snort every turn, making defeating him difficult and an inefficient way to farm elixirs; he is meant primarily as a deterrent to betting low-value items at the Coliseum.

Typhon has a special attack in the Coliseum he does not have when fought on the Airship, "Imp Oil", which inflicts Poison. However, he cannot use the attack in the Coliseum, rendering Imp Oil a dummied feature. In the same vein, a rage of Typhon's Colosseum appearance exists in the game coding, but as Coliseum fights do not make enemies appear on the Veldt, Typhon never appears there, and thus Gau can never learn his Rage.

Coliseum setup[]

Bet Memento Ring for Memento Ring
Bet "not good enough item" for Elixir

Typhon provides an infinite supply of Elixirs by betting an item that is not considered worthy or is cheap/weak, if the player is able to kill him before he uses Snort. The best set-up is to equip a character with a Master's Scroll, Genji Glove, and two Ultima Weapons. Having high Speed is essential, so it is best to level the character up with the Cactuar esper (or Odin in the SNES/PS/PR versions). With a high enough Speed, the character will defeat Typhon before he gets his first turn, and as with any other Coliseum battle, the player loses their wager and wins an Elixir.

Continually betting low-cost items like Potions and Antidotes allows a cheap and fairly fast and easy way to collect multiple Elixirs.

AI script[]

Normal script[]

Attack turns:

1st Turn: Attack (100%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Fireball (33%)

If killed:

Target: All Characters
Snort (100%)

Coliseum script[]

Attack Turns:

1st Turn: Attack (25%) or Snort (75%)

Behind the scenes[]

Typhon has a fully animated field sprite with the same three-directional walking animations as most other creatures and NPCs, but the one time Typhon is seen in the field he only uses a single frame of these animations.

Typhon's field sprite is recolored and reused for Hidon.