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Typhon is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and succeeding versions of the original Final Fantasy. He is found on Floor B10 of the Whisperwind Cove, and must be fought in order to continue through the dungeon. Like the other bosses in the Whisperwind Cove, Typhon originally appears as a boss in Final Fantasy VI Template:See Also



Typhon's location.

Typhon retains his signature Snort attack from Final Fantasy VI. Rather than removing a party member permanently from battle, Snort instead deals an instant KO. As Snort is non-elemental, there is no way to add resistance (e.g. equipment like Ribbons or spells NulDeath and NulAll will not help). This can be especially dangerous for a low level party, as their lower magic defense means Snort has a higher chance of working. Typhon's only other form of attack is a moderately strong physical attack that hits for around 250 damage.


The White Wizard or Red Wizard should cast Protera and Invisira upon the party to protect against Typhon's physical strikes, along with Haste, Saber (through the Giant's Gloves) and Temper on physical units to increase their damage output.



Typhon (Τυφῶν Tūphôn) is a god in Greek mythology, the son of Gaia and Tartarus, and was married to Echidna, mother of all monsters. He tried to kill Zeus and replace him as the king of gods, but failed, and was imprisoned under Mt. Etna, a volcano in Sicily which violent eruptions are said to be caused by Typhon himself. He was a monster with a hundred serpent heads, and was able to breathe fire. He was also father to Cerberus.

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