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The Type series[1] is a collection of role-playing games created as a companion to the main Final Fantasy series. Beginning in 2011 with the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PlayStation Portable, directed by Hajime Tabata, the Type series is being created as a means of encouraging experimental gameplay and story that would otherwise feel divergent from the traditional aspects and common themes found in the main series. The Type series has expanded into an HD re-release of Final Fantasy Type-0 and a new game codenamed Final Fantasy Type-Next, along with concepts for future projects.


Final Fantasy AgitoFinal Fantasy Type-0


The Type series has been described by Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy Type-0, as a companion to the main series: it is a means for developers to experiment with gameplay and narratives too new for the main series.[2] According to Tabata, the focus on the Type series would alternate: while Type-0 focused on a teenage and adult audience, Type-1 would focus more on adults, while Type-2 would cater for a younger audience.[3]

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Behind the scenes[]

The first title in the series, Final Fantasy Type-0, originated as Final Fantasy Agito XIII a title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series for mobile devices and PlayStation Portable.[4] The mobile version was eventually abandoned, and the title changed to distance it from Final Fantasy XIII.[5][6]

After its release the team began development on a sequel for eighth-generation consoles, but it did not go beyond an initial experiment. The work ended up being cancelled when the team was transferred to work on Final Fantasy XV. The work done for the sequel was used as experience for the team while working with the DirectX 11-based engine technology of Final Fantasy XV.[7][8]

In 2014, during the run-up to the release of Type-0 HD, Tabata commented that he would like to work on Final Fantasy Type-1 after finishing work on Final Fantasy XV.[9] A post-credits scene included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hints at a sequel, but it was not confirmed that production had begun despite the team's wish to do so. During an event in Hong Kong to promote Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, specially-created concept art was shown, further teasing a future project.[8]


The word Type followed by a number is a common way to name a weapon or product in a production series, similar in meaning to "Mark". "Type" was used by the Japanese and Chinese militaries beginning in the 1920s, and is still in use by the Chinese military.