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Use both hands when wielding swords, katanas or axes to inflict twice the damage.


Two-Handed is a Knight support ability in Final Fantasy V. It allows the use to wield a sword, katana, axe, or hammer with both hands, doubling the damage effect of the weapon. Two-Handed is a useful way early on to increase damage output and make weapons more efficient.


Two-Handed can be learned upon reaching job level 3 as Knight, for a total of 90 AP. It is not innate to Knight.


When used, Two-Handed doubles the damage modifier of the weapon equipped. If the weapon is equipped on either hand, the other hand in the menu is grayed out, meaning the character cannot equip any shields. Two-Handed is compatible with swords, knight swords, katanas, axes, and hammers, as well as Staff, Morning Star, Flail, and Mace of Zeus.

Equipping the ability increases the user's Strength to base Freelancer Strength +13 unless they have a higher modifier.


Two-Handed can be learned fairly early in the game and is a strong way to boost ones' damage output. Although Two-Handed will mean a shield cannot be equipped, if a character already wears heavy armor, their durability will be high enough that the Two-Handed trade-off is worth it. Therefore, if nothing else, it is good to use Two-Handed as a Knight.

Later on, Two-Handed is outclassed by Dual-Wield, learned by a Ninja. Dual-Wield allows two weapons to be held at once, and will make all attacks two-hit attacks. This gives it a higher damage output overall than Two-Handed.