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The Twinning (異界遺構 シルクス・ツイニング, Ikai Ikō Shirukusu Tsuiningu?, lit. Otherworld Ruins: Syrcus Twinning) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

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  1. Arrive at Repurposing
  2. Clear Repurposing
  3. Arrive at Aetherial Observation
  4. Clear Aetherial Observation
  5. Arrive at the Cornice
  6. Defeat the Tycoon


  • Enforcement Droid 209
  • Search Drone
  • Zaghnal
  • Servomechanical Minotaur
  • Clockwork Ark Knight
  • Surplus Kaliya
  • Alpha Zaghnal (boss)
    • Beta Zaghnal
  • Flanborg
  • Vitalized Iksalion
  • Vitalized Shabti
  • Vitalized Reptoid
  • Mithridates (boss)
  • Ghrah Maximization
  • Mark CXLIV Thermocoil Boilbuster
  • Artificial Enigma: The Tycoon (boss)


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