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Porom and Palom casting Pyroblast.

Cast a powerful spell with two people.

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Twincast (ふたりがけ, Futarigake?), also known as Twin, is an ability in Final Fantasy IV. Two characters with the Twincast ability can act in unison to cast powerful forms of magic. Twincast is used by Palom and Porom during normal gameplay, but is also used by Golbez and Fusoya in a cutscene. In addition, in the 3D remakes, any character can have Twincast as an Augment, and Tellah's Recall ability sometimes casts Twincast magic.



The Twincast command's Charge Time varies depending on the spell the player selects to cast. When initiated, the twins start to concentrate, and aren't able to use other commands while preparing the spell. The spell is aborted if either of the twins is knocked out or petrified. Upon the spell executing, there is a 75% chance of using Pyroblast at a cost of 10 MP, or a 25% chance of using Comet for 20 MP. Comet has higher power and ignores Reflect, which Pyroblast does not.


In the GBA and Complete Collection releases of the 2D version of Final Fantasy IV, the Twincast ability can be upgraded on Palom and Porom. Equipping the Twin Stars enables Palom and Porom to cast Twin Meteor. It is much stronger than Comet and costs no MP, but takes a longer time to cast.

As AugmentEdit

In the remake of Final Fantasy IV available for Nintendo DS and mobile devices, more spells are available by equipping it as an Augment. This allows the characters who equipped the Augment to Twincast with another character who also equipped the Augment to perform a unique spell. Several abilities are only usable by a certain pairing of characters, meaning it is important to choose wisely which abilities the player wishes to be able to Twincast.

As it is possible through Augments for more than two people to have the Twincast ability, both casters must manually perform the command to execute the spell, whereas previously, if Palom or Porom alone used Twincast, the other twin automatically executed the command as well.

List of TwincastsEdit

Name Other Name(s) MP Cost Description Characters Used
2D 3D
Pyroblast Flare, Pyro, ltFlare 10 30 Moderate non-elemental (Fire-elemental in DS) damage to all enemies. Palom and Porom,
Any two teammates (DS)
Comet ltMeteo 20 50 Moderate non-elemental damage to all enemies. Palom and Porom,
Any two teammates (DS)
Twin Meteor W.Meteo, Double Meteor 0 20 Extreme Holy-elemental (Non-elemental in DS) damage to all enemies. Fusoya and Golbez,
Palom and Porom (Requires the equipped Twin Stars)
Bubble - - 50 Doubles party's max HP. Kain and Cecil,
Kain and Rosa
Faith - 50 Increases party's magic power. Rydia and Cecil,
Rydia and Rosa
Bravery - - 50 Increases party's attack power. Edge and Cecil,
Edge and Rydia
Ultima - - 99 Extreme non-elemental damage to all enemies. Cecil and Rosa

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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  • Twincast has a strong likeness to Band in the sequel.
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