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Porom and Palom performing Pyroblast in the opening of Final Fantasy IV.

Twincast (ふたりがけ, Futarigake?), also known as Twin, is an ability in Final Fantasy IV. The trademark skill of Palom and Porom, it allows two casters to execute powerful attacks by combining their powers. It has also been used by other characters with a strong bond by combining their powers.

The two main Twincast spells are Comet (プチメテオ, Puchimeteo?, lit. Mini-Meteor), and Pyroblast (プチフレア, Puchifurea?, lit. Mini-Flare), also known as Flare or Pyro. There is also the ultimate Twincast spell Twin Meteor (Wメテオ, W Meteo?, lit. Double Meteor), also was known as W.Meteo and Double Meteor.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Rydia and Rosa casting in the opening.

Twincast is Palom and Porom's special ability that can be used by other characters in the 3D remake via use of Augments, and is used by Golbez and Fusoya in a cutscene. It allows the user to combine their magic with another user to create a devastating effect, but means that both users must perform Twincast at the same time in order for it to charge up.

Twin Meteor was originally translated as W.Meteo in the SNES and PlayStation translations of Final Fantasy IV. With Holy censored to White lead some to assumed that the abbreviated W in W.Meteo stand for White Meteor, a combination of the most powerful white and black magic spells. In Japanese, the letter "W" often stands for "double".

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Twincast is Palom and Porom's exclusive ability. This command allows the user to combine their magic with another user to create a powerful effect. Equipping the Twin Stars, two accessories which can be missed, enables Palom and Porom to cast Twin Meteor spell. It is much stronger than both Pyroblast and Comet, costs 0 MP, though it takes a long time to charge.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]


In Porom's Tale Twincast is usable in a flashback, costing 20 MP to cast with a 40% chance of using Comet and 60% of Pyroblast, though the spells are not named. In the present time, Palom and Porom are no longer capable of using this version of the band, though it appears in their menus.

In the final tale in the Depths of the True Moon, Palom and Porom learn an enhanced version of Twincast as a Band ability. It costs 40 MP to execute, and has a 25% chance of using either Twin Firaga, Twin Blizzaga or Twin Thundaga, a 20% chance of using Twin Flare, and a 5% chance of using Twin Meteor. Like the Twincast spells in Porom's Tale, the spells are not named.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Zorn and Thorn use Twincast attacks when fought as bosses, though it is used differently. Thorn will charge Zorn to allow Zorn to cast Meteorite, and cost 40 MP for Zorn to cast. Zorn charges Thorn to cast Light Flare, and cost 30 MP for Zorn to cast. Light Flare is reflectable. The Japanese names of the two attacks are the same as Palom and Porom's Comet and Pyroblast.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In the Seat of Sacrifice trial in Shadowbringers, the Spectral Black Mage and Spectral White Mage use Twincast to summon meteors that the party must stack in pairs to absorb AoE damage. Their appearance is an allusion to Palom and Porum.

Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Golbez's EX Burst is a variation of Twincast where he combines his power with the Shadow Dragon. The player must input three pairs of button commands simultaneously to input the EX Burst correctly. With perfect execution, the Shadow Dragon paralyzes the opponent with Binding Cold, and Golbez casts Twin Meteor.

As an allusion to Final Fantasy IV, once Golbez has reached Level 100 and the player has purchased secret voice data for him in the PP Catalog, the Shadow Dragon may say "Give your power to Meteor!", Fusoya's line when he and Golbez prepared to use Twin Meteor, and as in the original game Golbez responds "very well" as the spell executes.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Comet is the ability of one of Palom's cards. For the cost of Dulling Palom and discarding another Palom card, the player can tap a Porom they control to deal 1 damage to the opponent.

One of Porom's cards knows Pyroblast. For a similar cost as with Comet, discarding a Porom card and Dulling Porom, the player can tap an Active Palom they control to have Porom deal 8,000 damage to a Forward of their choice.

Another of Porom's cards has Twincast as its ability. By discarding another Porom, and dulling Porom and a Palom the player controls, the player can select up to two Forwards the opponent controls, returning one to the hand and inflicting 8,000 damage to the other.


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