The Twelve Orders of Adoulin are a group of organizations that control the Sacred City of Adoulin's political and economic climates in Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin.

Only the most eminent of members may be chosen as successors to an order when a leader either abdicates or passes on. Though not considered houses by strict standards (as they are not always headed by the progeny of an order's founding member, and sometimes even choose not to appoint a leader if none of the candidates are deemed fit for succession), their lineages remain intact thanks in part to adoption of heirs and strategic marriage practices.

Each order has it own sphere of influence, and the representative of a particular order will assume the office of either minister or maester of its appointed dominion, working for the benefit of the city and its populace.

While no longer officially a royal family, the Adoulins are direct descendants of the founder king, August Adoulin, with the blood of that renown rule coursing uncorrupted through the veins of its current scion, Ygnas S Adoulin.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Twelve Orders of Adoulin were founded by King August and his eleven most trusted generals, in recognition for the contributions to the land. The orders are consequently named after each of them.

The Orders[edit | edit source]

The Order of Adoulin[edit | edit source]

Formerly the royal family, the members of this order sit at the apex of the alliance which gave birth to the Sacred City of Adoulin, and their representative traditionally claims the position of grand chancellor within Adoulin's body politic. The order is symbolized by a swallow, the germaneness of which has engendered much debate. With the venerable King August Adoilin as the order's ancestor, it is only natural that the community looks to them when in need of direction and decisive action. The family occupies Castle Adoulin, the towering edifice that defines the eastern district of the city.

The Order of Woltaris[edit | edit source]

Symbolized by a verdant leaf in ages past, this order's distinguished members hold the economic fate of the city in their hands, as its most distinguished of members take the office as the minister of finance. As the former head of the order, Melvien de Malecroix once served in this esteemed post. Due to the sway they hold over this station, the vast majority of this organization devotes itself to the study of fiscal matters and theories of coin inside its building situated in Eastern Adoulin's Coronal Esplanade. Their custom of instilling pecuniary perspicacity in its members perhaps explain why more bureaucrats hail from the Order of Woltaris than any other institution in Ulbuka.

The Order of Weatherspoon[edit | edit source]

Purveyors of Adoulin's juridical system, this order is led by the senescent and austere Hildebert. In contrast, their coat of arms once consisted of a young and vibrant butterfly, which has often been used as a joke at the aging Elvaan's expense. The Order of Weatherspoon also exercises jurisdiction over exorcist activities, and the position of archexorcist—occupied by Vortimere—is always chosen by those within the order. The group shares the Coronal Esplanade with the Order of Woltaris as the site of its headquarters.

The Order of Janniston[edit | edit source]

The motherly Svenja uses her seemingly infinite kindness to fairly govern this organization. With her unconditional largesse and inexhaustible energy, it's difficult to tell exactly where Svenja's role as maester ends and the rest of the Order begins. The order's coat of arms was adorned with a soothingly cool dewdrop long ago, which even now perfectly exemplifies the fact that many of its members are adept practitioners of medicine and white magic. They often give back to the community by supporting pioneers on the front lines of the colonization movement and looking after ail individuals within the city's walls, with their base of operations situated in Western Adoulin's Platea Triumphus.

The Order of Renaye[edit | edit source]

The old symbol of this order - a lush tuft of shimmering grass—accurately illustrates the importance they place on the natural world, which is also heralded by their mistress and Adoulin's minister of education, Ikhi Askamot. In addition to cultivating geomantic powers, the order also works to instill skepticism and critical thinking in its members, which explains why researchers—in addition to geomancers—belong to this order. Interestingly, the order's abode rest snugly on the side of Sverdhried Hillock—named after the father of the runic arts.

The Order of Gorney[edit | edit source]

Many Adoulinians joke that while the snake is slimy enough, the order's insignia should be the mosquito instead because its doyen, Chero-Machero, the minister of commerce, is wildly successful at sucking the city's populace dry. While their tendency to spurn the more theoretical aspects of economics for the sake of turning a profit does not necessarily help their cause, no one can argue that merchants from the Order of Gorney—both home and abroad—do not contribute to the wealth of the city as a whole. Those interested in making a little extra bayld or learning the gift of the gab to get gil should seek them out in the Coronal Esplanade in Eastern Adoulin.

The Order of Haverton[edit | edit source]

Sometimes known by the midnight raven that acted as their regalia in the days of yore, this order is headed by the heady and inquisitive Margret. They are intricately tied to the Scout's Coalition. To further this symbiotic relationship, the order puts its members through myriad living hells to ensure they possess the wit and determination to accurately gather all the necessary information needed for their assignment and to concisely convey it to their clients. Like many of the other orders tied to specific coalitions, the building in which the Order of Haverton conducts most of its business sits directly across from its sister coalition... though some speculate that this architectural arrangement is so that coalition members can catch order escapees mid-flight.

The Order of Karieyh[edit | edit source]

This order may possibly be the most recognizable, not only because its leader serves as the maester for the Pioneers' Coalition - which anyone who has braved the infinitely long lines to register as a pioneer knows is a popular one—but because she is also the famous Lhe Lhangavo. Many a Pioneers' Coalition member has undertaken a mission at her behest to come back utterly exhausted, but better for both the experience and the opportunity to work for "the good of Adoulin." Their symbol, a monkey, represents ingenuity in the face of the unknown.

However, Lhe's tough love is but a continuation of the order's policies, which have brought prosperity to Adoulin as well as notoriety to the coalition. Through extensive survival training that consists of spending weeks on end deep within the Eastern Ulbukan jungle, agricultural endeavors that leave participants with dirt up to their elbows, and the operation of island workshops throughout the archipelago, the Order of Karieyh brings a bounty from both land and sea back to Adoulin. Its main building stands right next to that of the Pioneers' Coalition in Western Adoulin, which makes it difficult to miss.

The Order of Vocane[edit | edit source]

Tasked with keeping the city safe and sound, those within its ranks who exhibit an exceptional sense of allegiance to Adoulin and an ability to keep their composure can be elevated to the role of Peacekeepers' Coalition maester. The grizzly Gratzigg currently occupies that position, and Adoulin's denizens report that peace has certainly taken root throughout the city, much like the order's ancient emblem. As keeping the peace involves dealing with nefarious criminals and sanguinary monstrosities, they place particular emphasis upon having a muscular frame. Training for new recruits is especially arduous, with sessions beginning in the wee hours of the morning in front of the order's headquarters next to the Peacekeepers' Coalition and ending when Eastern Adoulin is once again enveloped in darkness.

The Order of Thurandaut[edit | edit source]

Currently headed by the dry-witted Flaviria, those within the order's ranks who wish to be appointed as the Mummers' Coalition maester must dance circles around their competition. For an appropriate analogy to this, one need look no further than the darting tongue of the order's ancient emblem—the lizard. Those many members take the analogy farther by becoming proficient with the lizard-tongue-like polearm, the order is well known for their performers skilled in both letters and arms. The more avant-garde entertainers among them have begun adding techniques involving small animals to their repertoire, which causes detractors to quip that their building near the Residential Area is the most entertaining and cost-effective bestiary in all of Ulbuka.

The Order of Shneddick[edit | edit source]

In contrast with its antiquarian murine emblem, the Order of Shneddick-raised maesters of the Courier's Coalition have been nothing but the pinnacle of righteousness, of which the current maester, Reginald, is an excellent example. Though members may tame beasts in a similar manner to their counterparts from the Order of Thurandaut, they combine their skills in domestication with knowledge in the field of transport to improve trade routes with the other nations. They also guard against smuggling, and barely have a a blemish on their record. The monument to efficiency that is their building stands behind the Couriers' Coalition, a symbol of Reginad's belief that the members of the order keep the city operating behind the scenes.

The Order of Orvail[edit | edit source]

Formerly an order of knights who flew banners emblazoned with spiders, this order now maintains close ties with the Inventors' Coalition. The head of Orvail—Amchuchu, an energetic and gifted rune fencer—serves concurrently as the leader of both organizations. Many order members dabble in crafting as well as the runic arts, which explains why so many of them go on to become rune fencers and contribute to the Inventor's Coalition. In addition, the order places a particular emphasis on the thrill of discovery, leading to an exceptional number of naval recruits and explorers from among their ranks. The building that houses this band of inquisitive individuals can be found directly behind the Inventors' Coalition's headquarters.

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